Get the Look: Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to elegant and beautiful jewelry that also stands out for its uniqueness. The latest piece of her jewelry to take the world by storm is her stunning green diamond engagement ring, given to her by now-husband Ben Affleck, as the two reignited their relationship almost twenty years after they first were engaged. Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring has become a symbol of an enduring love marked by joy and optimism about the future – a perfect message for any couple entering marriage!

Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Ring Design

For Jennifer Lopez’s most recent engagement, Ben Affleck sourced what appears to be a 6 to 8 carat fancy vivid, yellowish-green diamond. That beautiful diamond is set in what is likely platinum and flanked by two elongated baguette cut diamonds, which are then bookended by a matching pair of trapezoid-shaped diamonds. For such a rare and exceptional green diamond, it’s a sophisticated and luxurious setting that allows the diamond to shine.

Over her lifetime, Jennifer Lopez has received six engagement rings. Looking at all of them, they share similar characteristics and provide a lot of detail about Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring style preferences. One thing clearly stands out: the classic nature of their designs mean they will never feel dated.

The design of each ring is timeless and elegant. The focus is on a center diamond of excellent quality with minimal detailing or accent stones to distract from its beauty. The rings typically feature fancy-shaped diamond cuts with an emerald cut seeming to be the most popular, followed by radiant cut and cushion cut. The diamonds are set in simple prong settings with accent diamonds on simple polished bands of either platinum or white gold.

Of the six engagement rings, three have featured colored diamonds for the center stones. Pink, blue and green have been the diamond colors of choice – very rare colors for natural diamonds. The twist of the colored center stone adds a lot of personality and an unconventional look making Jennifer Lopez’s engagement rings some of the most memorable of celebrity rings.

What is a Green Colored Diamond?

Green diamonds are the second rarest natural color of diamond, with red diamonds being the rarest. Only a handful of green diamonds come to the market every year and they are usually never of a vivid color and larger carat size, like the one that adorns Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring.

Mined green diamonds acquire their unique color from exposure to natural radiation deep in the Earth’s crust after they have formed and this causes them to reflect green light. It’s very rare that this colored reflection penetrates through the entire rough stone; usually it’s just a thin layer on the surface of the diamond. This makes green diamonds among the most difficult of colored diamonds to cut because it requires so much planning and precision cutting to ensure that it reflects the best cut and color possible.

How to Get the Look

The color and cut are the most important factors when considering a colored diamond. Unlike traditional colorless diamonds that are graded on a color scale that rates colorlessness, fancy-colored diamonds are assessed based on the intensity of their color. The scale for a colored diamond’s color intensity ranges from faint to fancy deep. The more intense the color, the more valuable, rare, and coveted the diamond.

The clarity of a colored diamond plays a unique role. Colored diamonds tend to have more inclusions than colorless diamonds. However, inclusions in colored diamonds can often add to their beauty and the display of color saturation and hue. As with colorless diamonds, you’ll do best to focus on finding an eye-clean diamond that doesn’t have inclusions in vulnerable locations of the stone, like the edges or points.

Above all, when choosing a colored diamond or another colored gemstone as your center stone, put some extra thought into the color choice. Jennifer Lopez preferred lighter hues of pink, blue, and green for her colored diamonds, ensuring they will blend well with any color clothing choice and they can be easily worn with other colored stones. Also, selecting a color that has significance for you is a great way to incorporate color. Jennifer has stated that the color green has become a lucky color for her with many amazing things happening while wearing green.

It’s also important to note the cost difference of a colored diamond. Due to their rarity, the cost and value of a colored diamond is going to be much higher than a colorless diamond of similar quality. It may be worthwhile to consider sapphires for a colored gemstone choice that can get very close to the look and durability of a diamond.

While we haven't designed a ring with a green diamond, we have designed rings with yellow diamonds and green sapphires. Our Bixton features a 1.73 carat fancy light yellow, radiant cut diamond flanked by trillion cut white diamonds in a platinum band with yellow gold prongs and basket to accentuate the yellow of the diamond. Alamina centers a 2.75 carat cushion cut, yellow sapphire with trapezoid accent stones all set in yellow gold.

If you love Jennifer Lopez’s timeless and elegant engagement ring style but don’t want a colored diamond, you can never go wrong with a stunning diamond showcased in a three-stone setting. Some of our favorites are Lucille, featuring a 3 carat emerald cut diamond flanked by tapered baguettes on a platinum band, and Faye, centering a gorgeous 4 carat cushion cut diamond with trapezoid accent stones, all set in platinum.

Jennifer Lopez’s fancy green diamond engagement ring got everyone talking about colored diamonds again, just as her pink diamond engagement ring had done 18 years prior. If you follow suit and choose the color of center stone you love, pairing it with a timeless three-stone or five-stone setting, you’ll have a ring to adore forever.

4 Carat Cushion Cut Ring with Side Diamonds

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