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Shop Responsibly

At Ken & Dana Design, we maintain a holistic approach to our business to ensure that each piece is environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and incredibly unique.

Our Commitment to Ethical Jewelry

While the current system of diamond processing and metal sourcing is not perfect, we are fully committed to adhering to best practices to create jewelry in the most ethical manner possible, while supporting charities and organizations that promote positive changes.

  • Local Production

    In keeping with our ethical commitment, all of our jewelry is responsibly handcrafted in NYC. We do not engage in overseas production and everyone involved in our supply chain earns a generous living wage.

  • Recycled Metals

    We use recycled metals in all of our jewelry. In doing so, we help to decrease the global demand for newly mined gold and the social/environmental destruction that comes with it.

  • Quality Materials

    We guarantee eco-friendly silver, platinum, palladium and gold of the highest quality. These metals are not compromised and allow Ken and Dana Design to remain strong in its commitment to environmental responsibility.

  • Ethical Diamonds

    All of our natural diamond suppliers are Kimberley Process compliant, which is a certification system that prohibits the trading of diamonds from conflict regions. We also offer Canadian origin diamonds, and lab-grown diamonds.

Giving Back

Ken & Dana Design donates a portion of proceeds to Global Witness from every engagement ring sold.

This powerful organization helps to ensure that natural resources drive peaceful and sustainable development, and that the people and nations involved in providing these resources are compensated fairly.

Over the years, we have also helped raise thousands of dollars for the Brady Campaign, Red Cross, and the Harlem Children’s Zone.

Your Perfect Stone

Following these foundational principles, we curate a selection of the most beautiful stones that we believe to best suit your needs, invite you in for a viewing and ultimately assist in choosing the perfect one for you. It’s the same personal experience whether you are a local visiting our shop, or partner with us using some other avenue like email or video conferencing.

We make it our goal to help you create a ring that best expresses your love for one another and symbolizes the future of promise and love.