I saw the ring on instagram....

I saw the ring on instagram and immediately knew it’s the one I wanted. I looked for a long time at rings trying to find one to replace my original ring and Ken and Dana design had the most amazing options for someone wanting something outside of the normal rings everyone has. Their customer service was top notch, very thorough, and I’m even more impressed by the packaging and thoughtfulness of the contents for the ring arrival. It included everything I would need to know for my new ring and future care. The ring arrived in the specified window and was perfect! So thankful for the amazing individuals that are at Ken & Dana Design!

Amber Huffman
DECEMBER 20, 2023

When my fiancé and I started talking about....

When my fiancé and I started talking about engagement rings, I told him I wanted the ring to come from him (I wanted him to choose what he liked), but I wanted something unique. I said that if we were to take a sample of 500 engagement rings that were just given out to newly engaged people, and we threw them all in a pile, I'd want to be able to pick mine out right away. He opted for the most insanely beautiful ring from KDD - the Rachael pear engagement ring in rose gold. I literally get stopped by random people no matter where I am, no matter what I'm doing - whether I'm grocery shopping with a messy bun in my hair, at a doctor's appointment, at the diner, or even at work, I always get "Oh my goodness, I normally never say this, but wow, your ring is just stunning - can I take a closer look? Where is it from?" - it makes my fiancé so happy and proud lol. KDD answered our questions (and I had a lot of them) and they were so pleasant to work with. Not to mention, they were timely with their responses and delivered us not 1, but 2 amazing rings. I just picked up my custom Laxmie wedding band - the width of the band matches my Rachael engagement setting and sits perfectly beneath it. I am in absolute awe and I can't believe I have to wait until next year to wear the entire set together (my only complaint). Thanks to Morgan, Nati, Jett, and others at KDD for taking such amazing care and for giving me the unique rings of my dreams - I barely even wear jewelry but you've given me the gift of feeling excited to wear these for the rest of my life. THANK YOU!

Danielle Murphy
OCTOBER 15, 2023

I was a bit nervous about....

I was a bit nervous about the process of getting the perfect ring, but working with the Ken & Dana team put these nerves at ease!

Ordering from a company that values sustainability and ethics was important to us. We loved that they were an ethical company (conflict-free, lab created options, part of proceeds go to charity) and had unique offerings. My wife found the perfect ring and we went through some customizations which made the final product amazing. Ordering and shipping were simple and it even got there ahead of time.

She absolutely loves her ring and I'm grateful to the K&D team for making what could've been a stressful purchase so smooth!

Newlyn Wing
JANUARY 11, 2023

Obsessed with this place....

Obsessed with this place !!!!
There is nothing like it . I am in love with my engagement ring. This
place gives you not only a nostalgic vibe the minute you walk in but
also the option to have your own custom piece. I love how my Fiancé got
to sit with Ariel and take the time to design a engagement ring designed
specifically for me . She was the sweetest. This is the only place that
I can honestly say will be a part of our life and love story forever. P.S we will def be getting my bands there too !!

Ashley B.
MARCH 19, 2023

Hard to imagine a more perfect experience...

Hard to imagine a more perfect experience for choosing an engagement ring for my future wife here. From the moment we entered, the atmosphere was very relaxing, and for me personally, when a friend of a friend entered almost 10 seconds after our arrival speaking good things, I realized this place would be it. For a guy who doesn't know much about rings, they talked me through everything and I never felt lost in the process as they also indulged me in their detailed records of their jewelry. Later I came back with my now fiance, and she confirmed I wasn't crazy in my thoughts, her immediate reaction aligned with mine it was a great experience. A good experience for anyone looking for jewelry knowledgeable or not.

Scott O.
JANUARY 2, 2019

I absolutely love Ken & Dana.

I went on my own while searching for the perfect engagement ring to give my girl.
The vibe of the showroom is relaxed, inviting and accessible. They were so patient and helpful, and seemed really excited for me. I found just what I was looking for: the perfect, simple, classic, elegant ring. Finding an ethically sourced diamond was a major concern for me, which they addressed. We found a beautiful Canadian diamond, mined with love for their workers and the earth.

The ring is stunning. My fiance is stunning. We’ve since been back to K&D for a free resizing. They also connected me immediately to a jewelry insurance company, which was really helpful and gave me peace of mind.

MARCH 21, 2017

I just received my Aurora and Selene dream rings and I don’t even have words.

They are stunning. STUNNING. They worked with me to find just the right stone and weren’t trying to sell me on anything. They were patient with each phone call and email and I am just beyond grateful. I will sing their praises all over Texas! Thank you thank you thank you!

APRIL 22, 2016

Completely magnificent customer experience

Completely magnificent customer experience from start to finish. If you’re looking for beautiful jewelry with an ethical background, look no further. I honestly expected to pay much more for the beautiful engagement ring I purchased. Patty was extremely helpful, and if I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose Ken and Dana.
I have no complaints.

MARCH 24, 2016

We lived in Philadelphia at the time

We lived in Philadelphia at the time so we made an appointment and went to NYC to visit with Patty and Ken in their studio for the engagement ring and then again for our bands. Patty is so sweet and welcoming. She and Ken made us feel like old friends they had known for years. They worked with us to choose the perfect rings, and helped us choose the proper sizing. They even resized my engagement ring after I had worn it for a few months and decided it was too big. Visiting them in their studio was so much fun - it’s cozy and inviting and you can feel their creativity and passion for their work and for their clients while you’re there. They are awesome and incredibly talented, and I would recommend them to anyone – and I often do. Thank you so much Patty and Ken!

DECEMBER 4, 2015

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