Get the Look: Cardi B's Engagement Ring

Cardi B is known for her extravagant and luxurious taste in jewelry, and her engagement ring from husband Offset is no exception. It is a stunning piece of jewelry that features a huge center diamond surrounded by a plethora of other diamonds and set in a one-of-a-kind design. If that sounds right up your alley, you must read all about Cardi B’s engagement ring.

Cardi B’s Engagement Ring Design

The setting of the ring is designed to resemble a blooming flower, with a whopping 8 carat pear cut diamond at the center. To achieve the look of petals, the center diamond is surrounded by a double halo with the inner halo composed of white diamonds and the outer halo made of pink diamonds - creating an especially romantic ring that showcases Cardi B’s love of pink.

But the diamonds don’t stop there. On each side of the halo setting, there is another pear cut diamond in its own diamond halo that leads to a slim, pavé-set band made of platinum. When adding all of this diamond weight together, Cardi B’s engagement ring comes in at an astounding 12 carats of diamonds.

Bold, intricate and yet still romantic could be a Cardi B signature for jewelry. Only a couple of years after the engagement, Offset presented Cardi B with an even more extravagant diamond ring for her birthday. Affectionately named the “Titanic” ring, it’s composed of 100 carats of diamonds with a large heart-shaped diamond at the center and two thick eternity bands set with heart-shaped diamonds throughout so they are able to interlock.

What is a Pear Cut Diamond?

Pear cut diamond are part of the group of fancy diamond cuts. These cuts are defined as any diamond shape that is not round. While round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular and traditional shape, there are many other cuts available including pear, oval, marquise, emerald, cushion, radiant, princess, and heart, among others. Fancy cut diamonds are cut to enhance the natural beauty and shape of the rough diamond, creating unique and distinctive shapes.

The pear cut diamond in Cardi B’s engagement ring is a classic and elegant choice that has been popular for centuries. It is a unique and versatile diamond shape that combines the brilliance and fire of a round brilliant cut diamond with the elongated, tapered shape of a marquise diamond. The result is a diamond shape that is both timeless and modern.

One advantage of the pear cut diamond is that it elongates the finger and stands out as an unexpected shape for engagement rings. Because it is an elongated shape, it’s essential to look for a well-balanced diamond to ensure it looks aesthetically pleasing on the finger. You should look for a length-to-width ratio between 1.55-1.70 to create good proportions in the stone and avoid ones that are too long and narrow or too wide and squat.

How to Get the Look

The stunning pear cut diamond at the centerpiece of Cardi B’s engagement ring and the unique pink diamond halo give it a bold and glamorous look. To achieve a similar look for yourself, selecting a beautiful pear cut diamond is the first step. And focusing on some key characteristics when choosing your diamond will help you pick the best one for you.

Symmetry and proportion are extremely important to a well-cut stone, especially for a pear shaped diamond. Small imperfections in these areas can push the diamond to look too narrow or too short. Look for a smooth and even rounded end opposite the distinct point. The widest area, called the belly, is topped by the shoulders with the wings of the stone beneath it. Traveling from the shoulders to the wings should be gently rounded and even on each side as you progress to the point.

As with other elongated shapes like oval and marquise, the pear cut diamond will show more body color because of features inherent in the cutting style. But they are wonderful at concealing inclusions for the same reason. Because of that, it’s more likely to find a larger selection of diamonds with eye clean clarity for more clarity grades than other diamond cuts. Just beware of larger inclusions near the vulnerable pointed end of the cut.

A very helpful feature of Cardi B’s engagement ring is the double halo. Halo settings are well-known for enhancing the apparent size of the center stone with extra volume and increased sparkle and shine. And pairing that with a pavé-set band maximizes the brilliance of the entire engagement ring.

The pear cut diamond, halo setting, and pavé band are the stars of the show for our Janie, which features a 1.7 carat pear cut diamond in white gold. If you really love the side stones on Cardi B’s ring, Alice brings those side stones front and center, placing them directly into the halo surround, all on a smooth yellow gold band.

If the hint of pink is your favorite element, you’ll love the all-over pinkish glow of Jelissa. A beautiful pear shaped pink morganite is set within a halo on a pavé band in rose gold to really make the pink pop. And if there’s a special place in your heart for Cardi B’s “Titanic” ring, the heart shaped diamond at the center of Laura shines next to vibrant amethyst side stones.

Cardi B’s engagement ring perfectly encapsulates her bold, luxurious, and glamorous style. There are so many beautiful elements to her ring that can serve as incredible inspiration for any ring that stands the test of time and represents your love and partnership.

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Emerald cut halo. caption:2.00ct. Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum

Emerald cut halo. caption:2.00ct. Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum

Emerald cut halo. caption:2.00ct. Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum

Emerald cut halo. caption:2.00ct. Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum