Get the Look: Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring

When Ariana Grande announced her engagement to now-husband Dalton Gomez in December of 2020, the ring became the center of attention. While that’s normal with celebrity engagements, Ariana Grande’s engagement ring blew people away for how different and unexpected it was. Her ring is a stunning rendition of the toi et moi setting, pairing a diamond and a pearl side by side. We’re here to answer from a jeweler’s perspective exactly what makes this ring unique and how to get a similar look.

What Is a Toi et Moi Ring?

The toi et moi is French for ‘you and me, and despite its recent popularity,’ this style has a very romantic history and symbolism. Famous couples throughout history have favored the toi et moi ring including Napoleon and Josephine de Beauharnais as well as John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy. Meant to symbolize two equal souls joining their paths together, the toi et moi engagement ring has been experiencing a modern resurgence.

The style features two stones of similar size set side-by-side in a harmonious and pleasing way. The two center stones either meet in the middle and their settings touch, or there is a gap left between them so the ring resembles a cuff. Since the two stones are more of an equal size, they create a substantial gemstone look on your finger.

Ariana Grande's Engagement Ring Design

The design of Ariana Grande’s toi et moi ring is truly exceptional and unique. The choice of gemstone is the first interesting feature. While diamonds are quite common for an engagement ring, pearls are not. The pearl had its heyday in engagement rings during the Victorian era when Queen Victoria highly favored the gemstone.

Another unique feature is the orientation and placement of the gemstones. The asymmetrically-set oval diamond is angled toward the pearl instead of a more traditional vertical orientation. This creates a unique impression of closeness and intimacy between the two stones, similar to an embrace.

The choice of platinum metal creates an overall cool and ethereal feeling for the ring, especially when paired with the sparkly brilliance of the diamond and the bright iridescence of the pearl. And the proportion of the elongated oval next to the perfectly round pearl creates an interesting juxtaposition that leaves a lasting impression.

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How to Get a Similar Look  

The one-of-a-kind look of Ariana’s toi et moi engagement ring is perfect inspiration for the modern, adventurous, or sentimental bride. The common belief regarding Ariana’s ring is that the pearl was a nod to a very special familial piece of jewelry. When she was younger, Ariana received a ring from her grandmother that consisted of a pearl from her late grandfather’s tie pin. Representing that in her engagement ring is a lovely way to honor her grandfather and make the ring even more personal.

This story is an excellent example of what can be accomplished with the toi et moi style. It’s perfect for repurposing a piece of heirloom jewelry, mixing an old gemstone with a new one, or perhaps even choosing birthstones to represent the couple. There’s a wide variety of options and fun ways to play with scale, as Ariana’s ring exhibits.

While it is an absolutely gorgeous ring, there is one thing we cannot recommend about Ariana’s ring: the use of a pearl. Pearls are lovely, but they are too soft and fragile to stand up to everyday wear and tear. Coming in at about a 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, a pearl can be easily marked when bumped or even cracked with harder impacts.

To achieve the same look as Ariana’s toi et moi ring, consider using a star sapphire instead of a pearl. Star sapphires can have a remarkably similar appearance to a pearl with the same type of iridescence and play of color across the surface. And since they are a sapphire, they are an exceptionally durable gemstone that is perfect for everyday wear in an engagement ring.

If the lure of this engagement ring for you is the toi et moi style, there are many options for how you can design the ring. You can choose complementary shapes or cuts, gemstones that have a personal meaning to you, or even play with color in a fun way. There are countless options when it comes to this setting style.

Our take on the toi et moi engagement ring incorporates two different gemstone cuts. For Allie, a beautiful emerald cut diamond and a marquise cut diamond meet in the middle for a cuff setting. For Adel, – a stunning emerald cut and pear cut diamond come together with the pear cut diamond softly nestling against the emerald cut diamond.

Toi et moi engagement rings have been rising in popularity for years. It’s no wonder that they’re getting more love when you think of the romantic symbolism and options to truly personalize this style. Take inspiration from Ariana Grande’s engagement ring and include some sentimental and slightly unexpected and you can’t go wrong!

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