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In 2013, actress Olivia Wilde debuted an engagement ring that perfectly embodied her unique style and personality. The ring, given to her by fellow actor Jason Sudeikis, captivated jewelry enthusiasts and fans alike with its stunning design and rich history. While Wilde and Sudeikis ended their engagement in 2020, this vintage piece is still an inspiration to all of those vintage engagement ring lovers out there. With so much to love about Olivia Wilde’s engagement ring, we’re going to give you all the details on it and how to incorporate the style for your own design, whether you select a vintage ring or a vintage-inspired one.

Olivia Wilde's Engagement Ring Design

At the heart of this exquisite piece lies a beautiful center diamond, estimated to be between 2-3 carats. However, what truly sets this ring apart is the mesmerizing halo of emeralds surrounding the central stone. This combination, called a target ring, creates a striking contrast that draws the eye and showcases the ring's vintage charm mixed with a distinctly modern appeal.

It’s believed to have originated in Paris around 1921, making it a piece of jewelry history. Sudeikis reportedly chose this particular ring because the emeralds reminded him of Wilde's uncommon green shade of eyes, adding a deeply personal touch to the selection.

The center diamond is set in what is likely to be platinum, along with a delicate yellow gold band that accentuates the intricate design of the center stone and halo. This thin band not only complements Wilde's slender finger but also emphasizes the overall grandeur of the setting. More than just a beautiful piece of jewelry, it's a reflection of her unique style and shows an appreciation of historical craftsmanship.

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What Defines a Vintage Engagement Ring?

Vintage engagement rings are treasured pieces that typically date back 50 years or more. Prized for their unique designs and historical significance, these rings often reflect the distinctive styles of their eras. Victorian rings (1837-1901) feature ornate designs in yellow or rose gold, while Edwardian pieces (1901-1910) showcase delicate, lacy platinum work. Art Deco rings (1920s-1930s) are known for bold geometric patterns, and Retro styles (1940s-1950s) embrace sculptural designs, often in yellow gold.

While Wilde's ring is a one-of-a-kind vintage piece, its design is a timeless halo setting and has inspired many modern interpretations. The combination of a central diamond surrounded by colored gemstones has become increasingly popular, with popular similar styles featuring other precious gemstones like sapphires or rubies.

This engagement ring style, though contemporary in its current popularity, has deep roots in jewelry history. Colored stones have been featured in engagement rings since the Victorian era, demonstrating that Wilde's ring is part of a long-standing tradition of incorporating vibrant gems into these symbolic and sentimental pieces of jewelry that often carry deep meaning.

Capturing this modern yet classic aesthetic, vintage-inspired engagement rings epitomize the essence of these historical styles while incorporating contemporary craftsmanship. These rings often feature elements like intricate filigree work, milgrain details, halo settings, and antique-cut diamonds. They appeal to anyone seeking unique, romantic designs that stand out from typical modern styles.

Art Deco Inspired Target Ring

How to Get the Look  

When considering a genuine vintage ring, it's important to look for hallmarks of the era, such as intricate filigree work, milgrain detailing, or distinctive geometric patterns characteristic of Art Deco design. And keep in mind that authentic vintage rings often show signs of gentle wear, adding to their character and history.

Opting for a vintage-inspired ring may just offer the best of both worlds: the aesthetic charm of a bygone era combined with modern craftsmanship and durability. With a vintage-inspired design, you have the freedom to pick your favorite elements from various historical periods. You might choose to incorporate the colorful gemstone combinations reminiscent of the Victorian era, the delicate metalwork of the Edwardian period, or the bold geometric shapes of the Art Deco movement.

This approach allows you to create a ring that not only captures the essence of Wilde's vintage piece but also aligns perfectly with your personal style and preferences. Moreover, a newly crafted vintage-inspired ring ensures that you can select high-quality, ethically sourced gemstones and benefit from modern setting techniques that enhance the ring's longevity and wearability.

If the exact design of Olivia Wilde’s engagement ring is what you want, Andora delivers with the craftsmanship and aesthetic, featuring a stunning round cut diamond in a custom-cut emerald halo, all set in polished yellow gold. And with Joanna, we created a similar target ring except with sapphires in a delicate halo around a gorgeous center diamond, completing the look with intricate filigree work done by hand.

If you love the metalwork elements, Skyla features an oval cut center diamond with a tapered shank dotted with sapphires for pops of color set within intricate metalwork. And if you love the delicate feel of Wilde’s ring, you may be drawn to Dory with her soft, nature-inspired halo setting and surprising vintage-inspired, diamond-set basket.

Olivia Wilde's engagement ring exemplifies the timeless allure of vintage-inspired jewelry, blending historical charm with personal symbolism. By focusing on key elements like gemstone quality, color contrast, and balanced proportions, you can create a similarly captivating piece to tell your own unique love story.

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