Ring Education

Whether you're crafting a custom ring or selecting a preset ring, learn where to begin.

Diamonds & Gemstones

Learn the basics of how to evaluate a diamond, from the 4Cs, to understanding lab vs. mined diamonds.

Interested in a diamond alternative? We discuss popular options like sapphires, moissanites, aquamarine and more.

The metal used in your ring can greatly compliment your gemstone and setting, and also affect the cost of your ring.  

Tired of scrolling through endless options? Learn how to get what you want from engagement ring shopping.

Learn where to spend money and where to save to craft the ring that gets you the most of what you want.

From vintage-inspired and nature-inspired, to three stone or classic. Learn the difference between settings and styles.

Wedding Ring Shopping

We answer all of your questions about the modern and traditional etiquette surrounding rings.

We cover metal choice, width, styles and accents and more.

How to choose a wedding band that will complement your engagement ring, and also be able to shine alone.

Finding Your Ring Size

Learn how to measure for a proper fit. Plus, clever tips for how to find your partner's ring size if you're trying to keep it a secret.

Traveling with Jewelry

To bring the ring or to leave it? Tips for traveling with your engagement ring. (Coming soon).

Ring Insurance

Should you get your ring insured? Learn about when it makes sense and what to expect in terms of cost.

Picking a Matching Wedding Ring

How to select a wedding ring that enhances the look of your engagement ring, while also looking great on its own.

Custom Rings vs. Preset Rings

Learn when it makes sense to create a custom ring instead of buying a preset engagement ring.

Creative at Home Proposal Ideas

Fun ideas of how to pop the question, from the thousands of couples we've worked with along the way.