Get the Look: Zoe Kravitz's Engagement Ring

Zoe Kravitz, known for her impeccable style and unique fashion sense, made headlines with her engagement to Channing Tatum. While the couple has been notoriously private about their relationship, Kravitz couldn't hide her stunning engagement ring, which has sparked a frenzy among fans and jewelry enthusiasts alike. If you're looking to capture a piece of Kravitz's style for yourself, here's how you can get the look of Zoe Kravitz’s very unique engagement ring and what you need to know to capture its design aesthetic.

Zoe Kravitz's Engagement Ring Design

Kravitz's engagement ring is truly a sight to behold, featuring an estimated stunning 7-carat elongated cushion cut diamond solitaire set on an 18k yellow gold band and blackened white gold bezel setting. The bezel setting not only secures the gem in place, the addition of blackened white gold to the bezel setting adds an edgy yet elegant twist to the classic solitaire style, enhancing the overall allure of the ring.

Blackened white gold, also known as black-rhodium plated gold, is a process that involves applying a thin layer of black rhodium onto white gold to give it a dark, blackened finish. This process not only creates a striking contrast against the brilliance of the diamond but also adds depth and dimension to the design.

Maintaining the blackened finish of the white gold requires some care and attention. While black rhodium plating is durable, it may come off over time with regular wear and tear, revealing the natural color of the white gold underneath. To preserve the blackened finish, it's advisable to avoid exposing the ring to harsh chemicals, abrasive materials, and prolonged exposure to water. Additionally, periodic reapplication of the black rhodium plating may be necessary to maintain the desired appearance of the ring.

What is a Bezel Setting?

A bezel setting is highly favored for its practicality and aesthetic appeal. Unlike prong settings, which use metal claws to grip the gemstone, a bezel setting encases the diamond with a continuous metal rim, offering exceptional security and protection. This low-profile design minimizes the risk of the diamond catching on clothing or other objects, making it an excellent choice for individuals with active lifestyles.

Beyond its functional benefits, the bezel setting offers a versatile canvas for expressing personal style. Depending on the styling choices, a bezel set ring can feel modern, minimalist, and sophisticated, or exude a traditional and vintage charm. Opting for sleek lines and a polished finish can lend a contemporary edge to the ring, while intricate detailing and filigree work can evoke a sense of timeless elegance.

One of the defining characteristics of the bezel setting is its ability to complement every diamond shape. Whether it's a classic round brilliant, a romantic cushion cut, or a sleek emerald cut, the bezel setting enhances the beauty of the diamond while providing a secure and stylish setting. This versatility makes it a popular choice among couples seeking a ring that showcases their chosen diamond shape to perfection.

Furthermore, the bezel setting's seamless integration with various metal types allows for endless customization possibilities. Whether it's the warmth of yellow gold, the cool elegance of white gold, or the contemporary allure of platinum, the choice of metal can dramatically influence the overall look and feel of the ring – as is perfectly expressed with the black rhodium of Zoe Kravitz’s engagement ring.

How to Get the Look

Kravitz's engagement ring features a cushion cut diamond, a vintage-inspired cut that is very popular in modern engagement rings. With its soft, rounded corners and large facets, the cushion cut offers a unique blend of brilliance and romantic charm. Symbolizing individuality, romance, and tradition, this antique-inspired cut adds a timeless elegance to any ring design.

An important consideration with cushion cut diamonds is their tendency to reveal more color compared to other diamond shapes. For platinum or white gold settings, it's advisable to choose a color grade of G or higher to ensure the diamond's brilliance shines through. Alternatively, if opting for rose or yellow gold, the warmth of the metal beautifully complements diamonds with lower color grades like I or J. Additionally, the brilliant faceting of the modified cushion cut often disguises inclusions beneath the diamond's sparkle and scintillation.

The length-to-width ratio plays a significant role in the diamond's overall appearance. A square ratio, favored for cushion cuts, have ratios ranging from 1.00 to 1.05, while more traditional cushion cuts tend towards ratios closer to 1.10. Rarer elongated rectangular shapes, like the one in Kravitz’s engagement ring may have ratios ranging from 1.20 to 1.30, offering a unique twist on this classic cut.

Since Zoe’s style is so individual, there’s many ways to achieve the same feel for your own engagement ring. Our aptly named Zoe is edgy and cool, and when bezel set with a rough cut grey diamond, delivers a unique look that alludes to the darkness of Zoe Kravitz’s engagement ring setting. For a similarly modern vibe, Salomé offers an innovative take on the look of a bezel setting with an unexpected twist of two gracefully curving bands that gently hug the center diamond.

If you love the idea of mixed metals presented in a unique way with a cushion cut diamond, our Devon pulls off that look perfectly. If the bezel setting is what’s stealing your heart, consider a style that puts that front and center. Our Katie features an east-west set square cut diamond, bezel set in smoothly polished yellow gold. A unique finish to the bezel setting, like Zoe’s black rhodium plating, will always turn heads.

We did that with Estefania that features an oval cut diamond in a special cut-bezel setting in warm rose gold. And if you love the elongated diamond cut with the black rhodium plating, our Evette pulls off both. Featuring a stunning elongated emerald cut diamond set on a black rhodium plated band set with white diamonds.

Zoe Kravitz's engagement ring serves as a stunning example of timeless elegance and individual style. By understanding the key elements of its design and considering your own preferences, you can create a similarly breathtaking ring that captures the essence of Kravitz's iconic look.

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