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On a romantic road trip through New Mexico, Lily Collins got engaged to writer-director Charlie McDowell with a ring that perfectly matched the dreamy, desert landscape. Lily Collins’ engagement ring is a perfect fusion of vintage charm and contemporary design with a little known, but incredibly unique, diamond cut at the center. Learn all about Lily Collins’ engagement ring and see if this sweet yet elegant style is perfect for you. 

Lily Collins’ Engagement Ring Design

Custom-crafted by renowned American jeweler Irene Neuwirth, Collins' engagement ring is a testament to unconventional beauty. The centerpiece is a stunning square diamond, estimated to be between three to four carats, set in a warm yellow gold band. It features a bezel setting, which allows the diamond to appear as if it's floating, with no visible base behind the stone. This ingenious design creates an ethereal, almost translucent effect, reminiscent of crystal or glass.

The most intriguing aspect of Collins' ring is the diamond's cut – a rose cut, which is a departure from the more common brilliant cut diamonds typically seen in engagement rings. Rose cut diamonds are characterized by their limited number of facets, ranging from three to 24; a stark contrast to the 68 facets found in brilliant cut stones. This distinctive cut results in a softer, more subdued sparkle, offering a unique visual appeal that sets it apart from traditional engagement rings.

The choice of a rose-cut diamond for Collins' engagement ring speaks volumes about the couple's appreciation for history, craftsmanship, and individuality. The choice of a rose cut and unique setting characteristics offer a softer, more romantic aesthetic that perfectly complements Collins' personal style and the couple's unique love story.

What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

Rose cut diamonds are distinguished by their flat bottom and domed top, featuring 3 to 24 triangular facets that rise to a single apex, resembling a rose bud. This cut, dating back to the 1500s, was particularly popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras, making it a favorite for antique-style jewelry.

One of the most striking features of a rose-cut diamond is its flat bottom, devoid of the typical pavilion found in other diamond cuts. This absence of a pointed bottom means the stone doesn't reflect light in the same way as traditional cuts, contributing to its transparent appearance. While this might seem counterintuitive to those accustomed to the dazzling sparkle of conventional diamonds, it's precisely this quality that gives rose-cut stones their timeless, antique-inspired allure.

Although rose-cut diamonds may not be the most popular choice due to their lack of intense sparkle, they hold a special appeal for those seeking a distinctive and classic look. The cut's history dates back centuries, adding a touch of nostalgia and romance to any piece of jewelry it adorns. For brides-to-be like Collins, who typically favors minimal jewelry, a rose cut diamond offers the perfect balance of understated elegance and unique character.

Rose Cut Diamond with Peek-a-book Halo

How to Get the Look  

Unlike modern brilliant cuts, rose cut diamonds offer a subtle, soft glow rather than intense sparkle. This is due to their lack of a pavilion and fewer facets, which also contributes to their greater transparency as light passes through more easily. Despite potentially lower brilliance, rose cuts often appear larger from the top view compared to other cuts of the same carat weight, making them attractive for those desiring a larger-looking stone.

The unique structure of rose cut diamonds influences how to consider their quality factors. The large, open facets can make inclusions more visible, often necessitating higher clarity grades. However, the cut's subtle nature allows for warmer color diamonds to be used attractively. Rose cuts can be shaped into various forms beyond the traditional round, offering versatility in design. Additionally, their lack of pointed edges can make them slightly less prone to chipping compared to cuts with sharp corners.

These characteristics combine to make rose cut diamonds a distinctive choice, blending vintage charm with modern elegance, and appealing to those seeking a unique alternative to conventional diamond cuts. And despite their old world charm, it is a versatile cut that can be incorporated into all different styles.

The ethereal nature of the rose cut lends itself perfectly to nature-inspired designs. For Leona, four leaf prongs holds a gorgeous rose cut moissanite. For a similar look, our Zebo centers a rose cut diamond held in sculptural rose gold and a peek-a-boo halo.

The lack of sparkle in a rose cut diamond can still look great when paired with brilliant cuts. In Delilah, a pear shaped rose cut diamond is paired with round brilliant cut side stones and gray diamond accent stones on the band. And Yara is a sweet three stone ring combining a rose cut diamond and rose gold with sparkling side stones.

Lily Collins' engagement ring serves as an inspiring example of how timeless design and modern sensibilities can come together to create a truly special symbol of love and commitment. The rose-cut diamond, with its subtle glow and transparent beauty, is a stunning choice for those who appreciate understated elegance and vintage charm.

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Emerald cut halo. caption:2.00ct. Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum

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Emerald cut halo. caption:2.00ct. Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum

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