20 Stunning & Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

Beautifully cut diamonds and gemstones that sparkle and shine will always catch the eye. But with so many design and style choices, you can easily get overwhelmed with engagement ring ideas. So we’ve gathered together some of our most stunning and unique engagement rings to help narrow down what best suits your style.

Pinpointing your engagement ring aesthetic will help you decide exactly what you’ll love for a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a more timeless and classic look or a modern and unexpected style, there are a lot of ways to make sure that your ring is unique to you.

You can take a classic solitaire style and update it by setting it with an unconventional shape like a marquise cut or an intricately designed band. And if your style is more contemporary, looking at colored gemstones, unexpected cuts, or an interesting band may be a perfect expression of your style.

Below, scroll through 20 of our most stunning and unique engagement rings that truly create a one-of-a-kind look. Get ready for some inspirational and unconventional engagement ring ideas to make your ring special!

Unexpected Cuts

Less popular cuts and shapes create immediate interest and indicate that you’re not wearing a traditional engagement ring. Switch up the common round, oval, and cushion for an eye-catching marquise cut, radiant, rose or emerald cut for an ultra-unique piece.

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A gorgeous solitaire setting with a pavé-set band features a dazzling 1.27 carat lab-grown marquise cut diamond at the heart.

All of your attention is pulled to the center eye-catching radiant cut diamond simply set on a yellow gold band with double prongs.

A precious, freeform rose cut diamond with a lovely organic shape adorns a classic, delicate band pavé-set with diamonds in a special twist on the solitaire setting.

Elegant, polished platinum is the foundation for a classically sophisticated three-stone ring centering a 3 carat emerald cut diamond with side baguette cut diamonds.

One-of-a-Kind Design Styles

Going bold with a major non-traditional style, or keeping it simpler with an atypical setting is a way to tell a unique story with your engagement ring. We highlight a few rings that take the halo setting to new heights, or inspiration from eras gone by.

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A 2 carat round brilliant cut diamond is surrounded by a sunburst of round cut and baguette cut diamonds set in yellow gold.

A unique cluster band featuring diamonds and sapphires weave together on a yellow gold band for a singular look.

With incredible vintage appeal, a gorgeous round brilliant cut diamond centers an Edwardian era design with beautiful filigree and milgrain.

Often referred to as a toi et moi ring, this ultra unique style is designed as a cuff with an equally sized marquise cut diamond and emerald cut diamond meeting in the middle.

Colored Gemstones

Choosing a colored gemstone or a non-white diamond opens up an array of possibilities for your engagement ring. They are a favorite throughout European history and with modern-day royals, and give every engagement ring a punch of intrigue.

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A beautiful, vintage-inspired look with a modern aesthetic, a 2.50 carat round brilliant cut diamond is surrounded by a custom-cut emerald halo all in yellow gold.

A nature-inspired twist band resembles branches and leaves that delicately cradle a round cut Montana sapphire.

Utterly elegant, this vintage-inspired style features a gorgeous 2.11 carat ruby crowned with a half-halo as it sits atop a trillion cut diamond on a curving yellow gold band.

A salt and pepper 1.90 carat marquise cut diamond is the centerpiece with white diamond accents on the platinum band for a play on shapes and textures.

Unique Orientations

For a big surprise and lasting impression, take the traditional setting orientation and flip it on its side. Commonly referred to as an east-west or horizontal setting – or a kite setting for square cuts – you can play with dimension and design in countless ways.

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Drawing all the attention, a horizontally set 1.15 carat oval cut lab-grown diamond sits between two round cut side stones on a band with pavé-set stones for a lovely vintage flair.

Clusters of sparkling diamonds surround a dazzling, kite-set 2.25 carat princess cut diamond for a look that epitomizes a modern sophistication.

The softly curving band contours the finger and softly nestles an east-west set 1.20 carat pear cut diamond held by leaf prongs with two green sapphire accents for a nature-inspired feel.

Classy to its core, a 3 carat asscher cut diamond is turned on its side and delicately accented with two side baguette diamonds on a yellow gold band.

Nature-Inspired Settings

The beauty, simplicity, and symbolism found in nature is perfect inspiration for a unique engagement ring that reflects the bonding together of two people on the path of spending a lifetime together.

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A vine-like infinity band elegantly contours the finger and is engraved with a bark-like texture and leaves as it leads to a 1.50 carat round brilliant cut diamond.

A gorgeous round brilliant cut diamond is cradled in the center of a classic 4-prong setting with a leafy twist on the split shank band and the details of the prongs..

A sculptural wonder, the contoured branch-like rose gold band is sprinkled with diamonds as it holds a gorgeous 1.25 carat round brilliant cut diamond in leaf prongs.

Sculpture and symbolism combine as a split shank, bark-like band converges on an exquisite 2.25 carat round brilliant cut diamond set with leaf prongs.

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