Engagement Ring Design: Nature & Organic

With the pristine and polished appearance of so many engagement rings today, it’s easy to forget that the materials used to create these rings, the pure and mixed metals and various gemstones that they hold, are elementally of the earth; that they are natural forms of only the highest strength and beauty, and they should be celebrated as such.

We love to design rings that honor these natural elements by flawlessly capturing the perfect imperfections of the natural world. The rings in our nature-inspired engagement ring collection feature delicate, natural details, organic structural shapes, subtly floral compositions and rustic, natural cuts of gemstones that transform the piece into a romantic, wearable force of nature.

Natural Details

True natural forms always reward prolonged consideration… the longer you look at a twisting tree branch or a budding flower the more natural wonder you’re bound to encounter. It’s exactly so with our nature-inspired rings, which include beautiful, naturalistic details in even the smallest and most intricate elements of the ring.

Take, for example, the exquisite Lorelei ring; not only is its band a perfect rendition of two delicate vines lovingly interconnecting, and not only are those two “vines” that make up the shank beautifully and minutely textured, with tiny buds sprouting along their curvature, but the very prongs that hold the stunning center stone in place are not standard claw shaped rods - instead they’re gently and uniquely folding newly sprung leaves.

Organic Shapes

Of course, these natural details would be beautiful but unfinished if they were not adorning a beautifully natural silhouette. Just as no vine, stem or branch grows in straight, rigid line, the bands and shanks that serve as the structure of our designs are perfectly asymmetrical, gnarled, twisting and textured - reflecting true natural forms.

Some bands feature a split shank to allow a center stone to gently nestle between their division, like a baby bird’s precious nest between loving host branches, while others dynamically intertwine like two vines of the same flowering plant climbing up a trellis.

Whatever your inclination, whether it be a simple, twig-like band or a complex, twisting multi-metal shank, we can create a ring that will evoke that natural silhouette that makes your heart sing.

Floral Compositions

In the very early 20th Century Queen Alexandra asked her husband, King Edward VII of England, to gift her what would later be dubbed a “cluster” ring, or a ring comprised of a careful grouping of stones, as opposed to a single center. Queen Alexandra requested a ring that would mimic the beautiful unfurling of the peonies in her famously beloved garden, and so King Edward had designed a ring not dissimilar to Ken and Dana’s “Chloe” ring… a ring whose careful composition transforms the sharp, scintillating facets of its exquisitely cut diamonds into the soft, delicate petals of a blooming flower simply through their expert arrangement.

The cluster rings we create are less of a literal interpretation of a naturally inspired ring, incorporating antique and architectural elements into a design that ultimately will always remind the wearer of a joyous bloom.

Chloe features a cluster design that mimics the petals of a flower, but not in an overt way.

Gretchen also features a cluster design accented by natural leaf details.

Unique Gemstones & Rustic Cuts

One of the most unique aspects of our nature-inspired pieces is the inclusion of rough cut or unusual, “phenomenal” stones. A rough cut stone is a stone that has not been faceted or polished, leaving it in its near natural state.

Rough cut diamonds, particularly colored diamonds, with all their beautiful natural facets and raw texturing, can evoke the power of a jagged mountain peak, the uneven beauty of a glacial formation, the powerful allure of a choppy ocean seascape or the mysterious splendor of a galactic event. Rough cut diamonds like the Rulet ring can reflect light in unexpected ways, creating a work of unusual beauty.

“Phenomenal” stones, or stones that display a “phenomenon” or dramatic change in appearance depending on how they encounter light, include stones like moonstones with their brilliant adularescence and opal with their stunning opalescence. These stones can beautifully mirror the uneven reflection or shifting coloration of a calm body of water, or the dancing display of color in the Aurora Borealis. The inclusion of rough cut stones and “phenemonal” stones in nature-inspired rings bring the raw and dynamic beauty of the natural world to the centerpoint of the compositions.

Our Boxin ring features a wondrous moonstone encircled by a diamond halo.

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