Lab Created Diamonds


What Are Lab-Created diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds are visually and structurally exact replicas of diamonds mined from earth. By using high heat & high pressure, investment-grade diamonds are grown from a seed, under controlled settings that mimic the diamond creation process underground.   These engineered diamonds are indistinguishable in looks from their natural counterparts, and are produced using half the energy of diamond mining. And thanks to improving technology, you can expect to save about 30% on cost compared to natural diamonds.

In short, the benefits of man-made diamonds are as follow:

  1. Beauty (they are physically & optically indistinguishable to mined diamonds, and every bit just as beautiful)
  2. Eco friendly (they are sustainable, ethically grown, with minimal impact to the environment)
  3. Value (at current market prices, they are on average 30% less than comparable quality natural diamonds)

    For more information about the process & origin of our lab created diamonds, please visit our partner Pure Grown Diamonds


    As early as the 1950s, scientists have been creating diamonds in a lab for industrial use. Because of diamonds’ unique properties, they are useful in a variety of industries including construction, engineering, and medicine. However, it wasn’t until recent years that diamonds could be produced to gem-grade quality and size.

    Today, we are able to provide for our clients beautiful lab grown diamonds up to 4 carats in size, in a variety of shapes. All independently graded and certified. For more information, please contact us at or 212.972.7031.