Choosing the Best Wedding Bands for Princess Cut Rings

Selecting the perfect wedding band for a princess cut engagement ring involves finding a partner that complements the star of the show. But your choice of a wedding band is more than just an accessory; it's a symbol of your unique love story. In this guide, we'll navigate the various aspects to consider, from style categories to the technical details, ensuring your princess cut finds its ideal wedding band match.

Pairing a Wedding Band for a Princess Cut Ring

Known for its sharp angles and brilliant facets, the princess cut has become a popular choice for couples seeking a combination of sophistication and sparkle. The versatility of this cut allows for a range of stunning styles, especially when it comes to selecting the perfect setting. Whether you lean towards the timeless appeal of a solitaire setting or prefer the vintage charm of more intricate designs, each setting style transforms the princess cut into a unique expression of love.


Classic Simplicity

For those who appreciate timeless elegance, a classically simple style might be your go-to. In this style, we're talking about the enduring charm of a prong-set wedding band. The prongs secure the princess cut diamond, allowing more light to interact with its facets, resulting in a brilliant sparkle. This choice is clean, classic, and lets the princess cut take the spotlight.

As you see with Ivy, the gorgeous princess cut is the highlight with simple and subtle straight, diamond-encrusted wedding bands on either side.

Contemporary Edge

If your taste leans towards a more modern aesthetic, consider exploring something with a contemporary edge. This is where clean, sharp, and unexpected looks take center stage. This style is perfect for those who want a contemporary look that allows the chance to play with a blend of tradition and trend.

We interpret this contemporary edge with a nature-inspired twist in Lexandra. Set in a compass orientation, the stunning princess cut diamond is secured by prongs with leaf-details that carry onto the band. The leaves continue on the wedding band that contours and peaks with a single round diamond.

Vintage Charm

For lovers of romance and nostalgia, anything with vintage charm offers a delightful selection. Dive into the world of milgrain and filigree detailing or clusters of smaller diamonds that transport the ring to a bygone era. A vintage-inspired wedding band adds a touch of yesteryear's romance, creating a timeless connection between the past and the present.

For Loxlynn, we flipped the princess cut diamond on its side for a compass orientation and added clusters of diamonds for tons of sparkle. Pairing it with a simple and sleek pavé-set v-point wedding band adds to the vintage appeal.

What to Consider with a Princess Cut

Understanding the princess cut goes beyond its striking appearance; it involves delving into the important features that collectively define its beauty and value. The cut, often considered the most critical factor, dictates how well the diamond interacts with light and shows its brilliance. For a princess cut, prioritize a cut that maximizes the sparkle, as this is what accentuates the unique shape of the cut. A well-cut princess diamond will display a stunning play of light, enhancing the overall allure of the ring.

For color, consider the hue that aligns with your personal taste. While colorless diamonds are prized for their pure brilliance, a near-colorless diamond can offer a captivating balance between quality and cost. For those who appreciate a warm, slightly tinted appearance, diamonds with a faint hint of color exude a unique charm.

The princess cut's multiple facets help a lot with clarity. The faceting is known to make imperfections less noticeable. While flawless diamonds are rare and highly valued, most opt for diamonds with minor inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye. Choosing an eye clean diamond allows you to prioritize higher grades in other areas where it has a more significant impact on appearance.

Comparing Princess Cut Ring Setting Styles

When it comes to pairing princess cut ring setting styles with wedding bands, the choice can range from creating a seamlessly cohesive look to introducing intriguing contrasts for a personalized touch.

For instance, the classic prong setting, with its timeless simplicity, pairs effortlessly with a variety of wedding bands. Whether opting for a matching prong-set band for a harmonious flow or choosing a contrasting style like a channel-set band for a touch of modern flair, the adaptability of the prong setting allows for both cohesive and interesting combinations.

The halo setting, which encircles the princess cut with smaller diamonds, opens up exciting possibilities. For a cohesive ensemble, selecting a wedding band with a matching halo design creates a seamless continuation of the captivating effect. Conversely, choosing a band with a different style, such as a nature-inspired design, introduces a delightful contrast that adds layers of visual interest to the overall look.

We pulled that look off when we set a stunning princess cut diamond in a split shank setting with a smooth, polished band. The clean and simple surface of the band provides an excellent canvas for creative pairings. Matching it with a pavé wedding band ensures a cohesive, all-over sparkle. Conversely, selecting a band with a different texture or metal choice introduces a dynamic interplay of elements, resulting in an eye-catching blend of brilliance and contrast.

princess cut ring with halo
princess cut ring with crown

Metal Choice and Band Width

Each metal option—white gold, yellow gold, platinum, and rose gold—brings a distinct character to the ring, contributing to its overall aesthetic. The choice of metal is not only an expression of style, but also a reflection of your lifestyle. It also plays a crucial role in harmonizing with the splendor of the princess cut.

For those drawn to modernity and a sleek aesthetic, white gold is an excellent choice. Its cool and contemporary appearance complements the sharp angles of the princess cut, creating a chic and sophisticated ensemble that resonates with modern sensibilities. Platinum achieves a similar cool look with the added benefit of incredible durability.

Yellow gold, with its timeless warmth, adds a classic touch to the ring. This traditional metal choice infuses a sense of elegance and enduring style, providing a perfect contrast to the princess cut's modern facets. It's a choice that seamlessly combines the contemporary and the timeless.

If you seek a touch of romance and a hint of vintage allure, rose gold is an exquisite option. The warm, rosy hue of this metal complements the princess cut's regal elegance, infusing the ensemble with a romantic and timeless quality.

Band width, the final touch in this group of elements, adds nuance to the overall appearance of the ring. A wider band creates a bold and impactful statement, introducing a touch of drama to the ensemble. This choice is perfect for those who appreciate a more substantial and eye-catching look, elevating the presence of the princess cut.

On the other hand, a slender band emphasizes the delicate nature of the princess cut, creating a refined and elegant appearance. This choice is ideal for those who prefer a subtler and more understated aesthetic, allowing the princess cut to take center stage without distractions.

Ultimately, the art of choosing wedding bands for princess cut rings lies in striking a balance between cohesion and uniqueness. Whether opting for a seamless match or experimenting with contrasting elements, the goal is always to create a personalized and visually captivating expression of your love story.

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