How to Wear Stacking Rings

Jewelry designs can be bold and unique, simple and understated, vintage or modern. And when embracing one of the fastest growing trends in recent years - stacking rings - hands can become a canvas for expressing all sorts of styles and your personality in endless ways. When it comes to stackable rings, the sky’s the limit, so we gathered our best advice and inspiration for achieving your very own perfect stack.

There’s no point to have all your rings looking the same in your stack. For the most options of combinations over time and the highest visual appeal, seek variety as you build your ring collection. Keep symmetry and balance in mind, but allow yourself to get creative, too. The following are popular options for stacking:

  1. Statement Rings - whether it’s your engagement ring or a vintage cocktail ring passed down through your family, statement rings are likely going to be the center of attention for your stack and bring a lot of visual interest, as with our Chloe and Joanna.
  2. Midi Rings - this style of ring is worn above the knuckle on the finger, closer to the nail. These rings can often be dual purpose since a pinky ring is quite likely to also fit well as a midi ring as with our Adria.
  3. Eternity Rings - the true MVP of some of the most beautiful ring stacks, these rings are a staple in all collections. Experiment with different stone shapes, pavé, and metals to create interesting texture and visual appeal, as with our Ava and Olive.
  4. Classic Bands - essential to the stacking are simple metal bands. Whether yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, smooth or textured with hammering, beads or twists, these classics help accentuate the larger pieces and are perfect as a standalone as well, as seen with our Pippa.

Mixing metals is always a modern look for jewelry, and your ring stack is the perfect place to emphasize this style. It’s best to stick with two metal tones at a time.

  • Make yellow or rose gold your dominant color for a warmer look, and white gold or platinum the choice for a cooler look. Depending on how you want to stack your rings, you can wear both tones on one finger, or mix them up between hands.


While it may be tempting to fill up your fingers with rings, it’s best to leave some fingers bare. This not only allows for the individual rings and the stacks to shine, but also keeps your hands from being overwhelmed with jewelry that is easier to damage if you overdo it. For the most appealing look, seek to strike a balance between different weights, sizes, and shapes of rings.

Limit yourself to three or four fingers and experiment with different combinations. For midi rings, keep it to a maximum of two rings above the knuckle, and not on side-by-side fingers. If you go with wide bands, remember to wear a half to whole size larger so you have additional wiggle room, especially if you’re stacking more with it on a single finger.

Pinky and thumb rings have both had their moment to shine throughout history, and there’s no reason they can’t have a role in the design of your stacking rings. Keep in mind that your fingers change size throughout the day due to temperature and hydration, and also from season to season. So, what may fit one finger on a given day, may be perfect as a pinky ring on another day.

Colorful gemstones are a perfect way to add some pop and personality to your stacking rings. Consider a statement piece with a sapphire, ruby, or emerald on display, or some eternity bands with sapphires or black diamonds like our Wilda. This will provide you the perfect opportunity to showcase color when you want to, and leave them for another day when you’re more drawn to the look of mixed metals and shiny diamonds. And you can always keep the color subtle, as with our Vesabe.

Bands don’t always need to be a perfectly straight circle. Take a cue from nature and include some organic shaped bands that will add the unexpected to your stacking look. Take a look at our Ziggy, Yasmina, and Charli designs for some inspiration.

With stackable rings, you have unlimited versatility in terms of appearance and meaning. And when you choose to build your stacking ring collection over time, you’re opening up a world of possibility for new ways to love and appreciate your rings for a lifetime!

Building Your Collection

Build Your Stack Over Time

Creating your stackable ring look doesn’t need to happen overnight. Just like the special rings in your life like engagement and wedding rings or family rings that have been passed down, your stacking rings will be much more personal and special when you give yourself time to find the ones that truly make you smile or represent special milestones in life. There’s nothing quite like choosing special pieces for life moments like anniversaries, having children, or dreams achieved, like traveling overseas together or buying your first home.

Span the Cost Spectrum

Not every piece needs to be of the same quality or value. The point is to love what your stack looks like and give yourself options for how you want your stack to look on any given day. To that end, lab-grown diamonds are a fantastic option for eternity rings, and 14k metal bands will be less costly than 18k versions.

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