12 Unusual Diamond Cluster Rings

Diamond cluster rings have a unique appeal all their own. They are a non-traditional engagement ring style that doesn't make you choose between stone shapes, sizes or colors – you can have it all! The main draw of a diamond cluster ring is that whether you have a main center stone or not, there are multiple focal points that draw the eye. And because you can get so creative with the design, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites for inspiration!

Below, scroll through 12 of our most stunning and unique engagement rings that truly create a one-of-a-kind look. Get ready for some inspirational and unconventional engagement ring ideas to make your ring special!

Types of Cluster Rings

First, a little clarification - diamond cluster rings come in two style types:

(1) multiple main stones that are placed closely together in a cluster, or
(2) a more prominent center stone surrounded by other various sized and shaped stones

Either way, cluster rings are always eye-catching and interesting designs that are quite unexpected for an engagement ring style.

Another key feature of cluster rings is that they can often be asymmetrical, compared to a three-stone ring which is often symmetrical. This offers you even more free reign to choose whatever stones are to your liking and not worrying about matching or making the design even. If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry, we’ve got lots of ideas to inspire a cluster ring that brings nothing but smiles!

Benefits of Cluster Rings

Cluster rings are usually less expensive than ring styles that feature a larger center stone because the diamonds are of lower carat weight. Many smaller stones that add up to 1 total carat weight (tcw) will cost less than a single 1 carat diamond. While the intricacy of the setting design and quality of the stones are major factors in cost, you can expect a cluster ring with 1 tcw to be a third or even a fourth the cost of a 1 carat diamond ring with similar quality.

Cluster rings also provide the perfect opportunity to take more risks, such as incorporating sentimental or unusual touches to your ring without overtaking the whole design. You could choose some favorite colors, use birthstones or anniversary stones, or even turn to heirloom stones from a treasured family jewelry piece. You could choose one or all of these elements and design a lovely cluster ring.

Multiple Main Stones

Vesabe: A combination of rose cut and round brilliant cut diamonds and sea color sapphires adorn a beautifully curving band.

Wren: A super unique cluster ring features a combination of round cut diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in bezel and prong settings.

Morphy: A special collection of round brilliant cut diamonds of different sizes come together on an elegantly curving band.

Round brilliant, rose cut diamonds, and sapphire cluster ring.

Cluster ring with round cut diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

Curved band diamond cluster ring.

Sweta: A glorious cluster of sparkling diamonds in various round cut sizes and a uniquely asymmetrical placement on a smooth, polished band.

Gretchen: This nature-inspired stunner features seven round brilliant cut diamonds in a flower-like placement with uniquely shaped gold prongs and leaf details.

Various round cut diamonds in a rose gold band.

Floral halo cluster ring.

Main Center Stone

Loxlynn: a stunning princess cut diamond is set in a compass orientation and accompanied by little bunches of round brilliant cut diamonds in various sizes.

Kira: A glorious kite-shaped rough diamond is bezel set and surrounded by dazzling, sparkling diamonds in a collection of round shapes and sizes.

Grace: A cushion cut diamond is a glorious centerpiece to sparkling diamond and citrine clusters in a collection of round shapes and sizes. 

Cluster style princess cut diamond ring shown with a 2.25ct center diamond.

A unique cluster band featuring diamonds and sapphires weave together on a yellow gold band for a singular look.

Cluster ring with cushion cut diamond and citrine and diamond accents.

Talin: A vintage-inspired halo setting features a stunning round brilliant cut diamond in the center with a diamond surround like petals on a flower.

Starulla: A gorgeous star-shaped engagement ring with milgrain and filigree and diamonds sprinkled throughout to accentuate a round shaped center diamond.

Lippy: For this Art Deco inspired beauty, an oval diamond is horizontally set and accentuated by marquise and round cut diamonds surrounded by detailed milgrain.

Treblis: An oval diamond is the centerpiece of this elegant, vintage-inspired halo engagement ring with clusters of round cut and pear cut diamonds on either side of the center stone.

Halo cluster ring ring inspired by vintage design.

Star-shaped cluster ring.

Art Deco inspired horizontally set oval ring.

Oval halo cluster ring in rose gold.

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