Nothing is more personal than rings that will symbolize two individuals' commitment to one another. Part of creating meaningful jewelry is the connection we have with our clients. We have invited all of our bridal customers to write about their experience, give advice or just tell a story.


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  • My husband purchased both my wedding band and engagement ring from Ken & Dana and I could be more happy with them.

    We had looked for months for rings and nothing really stuck with me, he purchased my engagement ring from them without me trying it on as we live in San Francisco, the moment I put it on it felt perfect.

    They are always very helpful even being so far from us, I would definitely recommend them!

    Posted by Whitney F on March 21, 2017
  • I absolutely love Ken & Dana.

    I went on my own while searching for the perfect engagement ring to give my girl. The vibe of the showroom is relaxed, inviting and accessible. They were so patient and helpful, and seemed really excited for me. I found just what I was looking for: the perfect, simple, classic, elegant ring.

    Finding an ethically sourced diamond was a major concern for me, which they adressed. We found a beautiful Canadian diamond, mined with love for their workers and the earth.

    The ring is stunning. My fiance is stunning.

    We’ve since been back to K&D for a free resizing. They also connected me immediately to a jewelry insurance company, which was really helpful and gave me peace of mind.

    Posted by Jordan L on March 21, 2017
  • Absolutely stunning engagement ring (Devi)! Excellent customer service and communication from Natali Cruz. Very pleased all around given the fact that we live in NC and never actually got to see the setup in person prior to purchasing. Hopefully we’ll get to visit NYC one day soon so we can stop by and give them a proper thank you! :-)

    Posted by Sean S on March 21, 2017
  • I got my Fiance’s wedding ring from Ken & Dana design and was more than impressed with the customer service and how well they explained all the options to create something custom and make me feel comfortable along the way. Not to mention the ring is amazing! Fast forward to last week, I purchased a necklace for the fiance for Christmas from Ken & Dana, Patty was the person that helped me and assured me it would be here by Christmas despite being a bit last minute. Yesterday came and I received a confirmation of delivery but never actually got the package and it was signed for by someone else. Patty jumped on the phone with Fedex and through some miracle they were able to get the package back and deliver it to me directly today. Patty and the whole crew there go above and beyond. I will be a customer for life!

    Posted by Chad M on December 23, 2016
  • Exquisite work and excellent service.

    I was recommended to KDD at the last minute. I needed a ring set with a custom gemstone and have it shipped to me within 30 days. KDD worked with my gemcutter and was able to delivery an extraordinarily beautiful ring ahead of schedule.

    I couldn’t have been more pleased and everyone absolutely adores the ring.

    P.S. She said yes. :D

    Posted by Shawn K on December 13, 2016
  • Organic meets vintage – that’s how Patty from Ken & Dana described our rings. I waited a year to review my rings to make sure that I still love it and indeed I do! My husband and I went to a few ring merchants in search of engagement and wedding rings. After meeting with the incredibly charming and knowledge, Patty and being introduced to Daya (one of their ring styles), my husband and I found my engagement ring. In the following weeks, Patty made the process of choosing a diamond and wedding bands fun and a fantastic learning experience. She told us stories of her wedding and dazzled us with her knowledge of gemology. Patty made a potentially a stressful experience into a fantastic memory in our relationship. The ring itself is a delicate branch wrapped around a gorgeous diamond and a far cry from your traditional wedding ring. Thank you Patty from Ken & Dana Design for your exceptional work and service.

    Posted by Jen H on December 13, 2016
  • My fiance and I were ring shopping and couldn’t find anything we liked for the design was in my head. It wasn’t until I was browsing and pinning, not even looking for engagement rings, where I stumbled upon the unique designs by Ken & Dana. I looked at every single one of their rings and fell in love with the “Gina” and “Rayna”. I showed my man right away. He realized that these rings are completely different from each other, one was rose gold, had diamonds in the band and a halo, and the other was a square diamond with an engraved band. He contacted K&D for further assistance, because I couldn’t help him much more..as this was going to be a surprise for me in my near future. Now that we’re engaged, he told me he contacted the shop and they were nothing but helpful. He designed a ring that took little bits from both of the rings I fell in love with, added his own flare and created the “Ginnie”. I am not a high maintenance person, at times I thought I didn’t need a diamond, and also at times I was nervous to be “surprised” by a ring that I may not love.

    Well, that was SOO not the case. My soon-to-be husband surprised me on Decemeber 25th, 2016 on a camping trip. We went canoeing up the Rainbow River where the water was crystal clear. We hiked around looking at the natural springs and waterfalls. He got out his camera to take a photo of us and the waterfall, and afterwards said the most beautiful things (that neither of us can remember because we both kind of blacked out) and I said “yes!”…and when he put this gorgeous ring on my finger I also said,
    THIS IS THE RING! This is everything I imagined in my head and more!"

    Since then, I’ve been in contact with Patti, showing her my photos of my Ginnie and our engagement announcement photo. Sure, I can find a less expensive wedding band from somewhere else, I know I won’t have the same customer service, knowledge, ethical values and quality work that I get with K&D. Patti has sent me videos of her trying on the bands I requested, since I live out of state and cannot see them in person. You get what you pay for. And that is quality art, a work of passion and amazing customer service.

    Thank you! I’ll be sure to come back and post my band after 9.30.17!

    peace and love,

    Posted by Gina F on December 02, 2016
  • My fiancé and I were searching out a very unique jeweler to make our wedding bands as well as my engagement ring. Both being from Ohio we love exploring and getting out of town so NYC was our next stop! After doing a lot of research and reading about Ken and Dana Design, we booked an appointment a few months out. When the appointment day came, we arrived and were greeted with warm smiles and a glass of whiskey! it was such a great touch to sitting in the waiting area while we waited for our turn at the table.
    They entire store is a big NYC loft style space, we loved it. They had display cases to see different designs but everything is custom made in house so they were all simply designs to try on and see how you like them.

    Patty has since made my TOP TEN list of best human beings on the planet. She was so patient and attentive with our appointment because she knew we had traveled from Ohio. We nailed down my engagement ring design and also my fiancés wedding band all in the same sitting. We customized with our fingerprints being engraved on each band (my wedding hband was chosen via email exchange of pictures with patty AFTER we got my engagement ring and I had worn it for a few weeks)

    Ken and Dana Design truly made us feel special, they truly took into consideration that this was a HUGE symbolic trip for us as a couple and also a very important purchase for us as future Mr. & Mrs. I can’t wait to see my band! Our wedding is in two months and we couldn’t be happier about our adventures to NYC and the story our rings tell.

    Thank you to Patty and the entire team!

    Posted by Ashley P. on August 01, 2016
  • I just received my Aurora and Selene dream rings and I don’t even have words. They are stunning. STUNNING. They worked with me to find just the right stone and weren’t trying to sell me on anything. They were patient with each phone call and email and I am just beyond grateful. I will sing their praises all over Texas! Thank you thank you thank you!

    Posted by Lizeth M on April 22, 2016
  • Completely magnificent customer experience from start to finish. If you’re looking for beautiful jewelry with an ethical background, look no further. I honestly expected to pay much more for the beautiful engagement ring I purchased. Patty was extremely helpful, and if I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose Ken and Dana. I have no complaints.

    Posted by William F on March 24, 2016
  • Excellent customer service, beautiful and unique designs, and conflict-free diamonds – I can’t imagine shopping anywhere else for a ring. Ken and Dana Design went out of their way to make a perfect engagement ring in time for our trip to Yosemite National Park, where I proposed to my fiance. Thank you!

    Posted by Lance Loethen on March 06, 2016
  • Hello, I have never left a Yelp review, but decided to write my first for Patty, as well of course, for Ken and Dana Design. I wish I could give six stars! My girlfriend wanted a unique engagement ring with an emphasis on social responsibility and the environment. This was also my first foray into purchasing such a special and expensive piece of jewelry. After scouring the internet and local stores, I found Ken & Dana Design. The process was fantastic and Patty was absolutely incredible. I am from out-of-state, and we worked together to design the ring over phone conferences, videos, emails, etc. Patty was honest, helpful, and made the process fun! In the end, my girlfriend (now fiance) absolutely LOVES the ring. I succeeded, but could never have done it without Patty’s help. Thank you Patty! Cheers, Patrick.

    Posted by Patrick O. on February 04, 2016
  • An amazing unique design unlike anything else, Myself and future wife are completely over satisfied with every aspect of K&DD.

    Cheers to the crew,
    Nathan and Kelly Fernee

    Posted by Nathan Fernee on January 11, 2016
  • Great experience. Overall I can’t complain at all. From start to finish I was given a great service from different employees. My fiancé is extremely pleased with my ring selection and Ken was extremely helpful and he made sure I didn’t pay more than what I wanted. He explained to me all the necessary details to be knowledgeable about diamond and made sure I picked the right diamond. Thank you all!

    Posted by Jose T on December 14, 2015
  • My husband and I had an amazing experience with Patty and Ken of Ken & Dana Design when we chose both my engagement ring and our wedding bands. We actually worked with them in March 2013 (engagement ring) and then again before our wedding several months later for our wedding bands. Even though it has been awhile, I am still talking about them and recommending them to friends, as I just did today, so I decided I owe it to them to finally write my review.

    We lived in Philadelphia at the time so we made an appointment and went to NYC to visit with Patty and Ken in their studio for the engagement ring and then again for our bands. Patty is so sweet and welcoming. She and Ken made us feel like old friends they had known for years. They worked with us to choose the perfect rings, and helped us choose the proper sizing. They even resized my engagement ring after I had worn it for a few months and decided it was too big. Visiting them in their studio was so much fun – it’s cozy and inviting and you can feel their creativity and passion for their work and for their clients while you’re there.

    We originally chose Ken & Dana Design because of their unique and nature-inspired designs, and because they are committed to environmental responsibility. Now I’m so happy we chose them because in addition to these qualities, they also truly care about their clients and their work. They are awesome and incredibly talented, and I would recommend them to anyone – and I often do. Thank you so much Patty and Ken!

    Posted by Katie T. on December 04, 2015
  • Ken & Dana Designs is an outstanding company. I worked with other jewelers who just did not seem to be as interested in our particular story, and were not as interested in trying to find the perfect ring for her. I worked with Patty, who is just a lovely person and was so interested in our story and trying to find us the perfect ring. Most of our initial dealings were via email and she was still so receptive to sending me price quotes, honest advice, and picture of the diamonds/rings. Their website is user friendly and I love that they are so committing to making eco-friendly rings that look beautiful. The look on my finance’s face was priceless and the ring ended up being perfect. Thanks so much for all your help!!

    Posted by Anand on November 22, 2015
  • Going into this experience of buying something so expensive online I was rather skeptical. I felt uneasy spending a large amount of money on something I had never seen (Even more so because i’m Canadian, and the exchange rate is out of this world!). However, I must say that I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience, and the people I dealt with. Honestly, it was very easy to send the money, and I felt comfortable knowing I would get a beautiful ring for it.

    After numerous conversations through E-Mail and phone, I finally chose a diamond for the setting. I wasn’t quite sure about the diamond, since it was a SI1. My expectations were tempered because of this. Clearly, the people at KDD do inspect, and choose only the ones they deem to be of quality. Even though mine was SI1 The inclusions don’t appear to affect the ring at all, and it sparkles amazingly! The value I received for this ring is unreal. My Fiance gets compliments on her Rose Gold Molly all of the time. We are so happy with it :)!

    I appreciate to no ends how easy Patty and her team made this experience. They run an amazing business, and kept me in the loop through everything. I will no doubt be buying my Fiance’s band from KDD, and i’m sure I’ll be a lifelong customer for anniversary presents :) Here’s to hoping she never reads this

    Posted by Brendon G on November 16, 2015
  • I ordered one of the rings online and requested a very specific gem which I had not been able to locate. They worked with me to find the perfect Montana sapphire. On top of all that, they were able to get it to me at the faster end of their estimated completion time. The end product is amazing and jewellers have complemented it and wanted to know where I got it.

    Posted by Darren H on October 12, 2015
  • I first contacted Patty a couple years before we ended up actually purchasing a ring and stone from KDD. Despite setting appointments and changing them and canceling them, and going out of touch for long periods of time, Patty was very patient and nice and excited for us.

    We looked at several jewelers from Boston, Oregon, and Chicago and found ourselves comparing the pieces at each place with the ring we initially fell in love with at KDD. I was able to carry out the purchase online, painlessly, and Patty communicated with me along the way what the time-frame looked like.

    The stone we enDed up with was unbelievably perfect. We had seen lots of .9 ct and .7 ct, but really were wishing we could see one in the middle. Patty had a .82 ct waiting for us. It was meant to be.

    Can’t thank her enough for being patient and holding my hand through the process. I’d strongly recommend them.

    Posted by KEVIN F. on October 06, 2015
  • Best of the best. Their jewelry is more than just a piece of work, it’s art. A piece of art that’ll make the person you’re giving it to, melt their heart, because that’s what it did when I proposed to my fiancé. You’ll definitely get more than what you’re paying for. Their staff is top notch too. Super helpful, and eager to fulfill your every request. Since I am an out of town customer, I was worried about buying out of state, but Patty reassured me everything is going to be ok and after reading other reviews, and especially since there’s nothing around me that has such a great selection I went for it. I also was on a short schedule and, Patty was able to create the ring and ship it to me really fast too (Thank you!). I definitely will be stopping in to thank them whenever I can get to New York in person, but till then, I hope this review will be good until I can.

    Posted by Aaron R on October 02, 2015
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