Choosing the Best Wedding Bands for a Pear-Shaped Ring

The pear cut diamond is a super flattering shape for all fingers and exudes a simple, yet sophisticated, elegance. For an engagement ring that you want to be the center of attention, it’s a perfect choice. But with its unique shape, figuring out a wedding band for your pear-shaped ring is likely to bring up some questions. To help make it easy, we’ve put together exactly what to look for, and what to avoid, in a wedding band for a pear-shaped ring.

Pairing a Wedding Band for a Pear-Shaped Ring

A pear-shaped ring is considered a non-traditional gemstone shape. While it can get tricky to find a wedding band to match the engagement ring, a few main points will get you started in the right direction.

First, consider the setting type of your engagement ring. Pear cut rings can be set in a variety of styles from halo, solitaire, pavé, three stone and more, and each one will create a different look with a wedding band.

Next, think of the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Do you want the pear of the engagement ring to be the star of the show? Or do you want the engagement ring and wedding band to each have some individual flair? Do you want any accent diamond shapes to match, or have some variety? Once you have a feeling for what you’d like, you can begin to explore what works well for a pear shape.

Accentuate the uniqueness of the pear cut. The pear cut is an asymmetrical cut where one end is rounded and the other comes to a point. It is very popular to pair that with a cluster band that curves smaller diamond cuts around the pointed end of the pear. This look really complements the pear shape, both highlighting its unique shape and creating balance. And pear shapes look really great with other diamond cuts, you’ll probably just want to match the brilliant faceting style.

Thin, or thick? Because of the precise and delicate shape of the pear cut, it’s best to avoid thicker or wider wedding bands. They can easily overwhelm the pear shape and create an imbalanced overall look for the engagement ring and wedding band together. You can opt for the same thickness for the two bands, or slightly different to add some dimension.

With our Rachel set, we accentuate the roundness of the pear with a curved wedding band, and the pear point with a pointed diamond band. For the curved wedding band, we replicated the delicate milgrain details and the shape of the split shank of the engagement ring. And for the pointed diamond band, the pavé-set diamonds complement the diamond halo surrounding the pear diamond.

Flipping the orientation of the pear upside down, our Charleen-Charli set features a crown wedding band around the rounded end of the pear, while a perfectly matched pavé wedding band nestles the pointed end. The vintage look of the engagement ring and wedding band create a subtle contrast to the nature-inspired leaves of the crown wedding band.


The Molly ring set pairs a simple and modern-set engagement ring with two understated wedding bands. Each wedding band is set with small round brilliant cut diamonds and accented with delicate milgrain. It’s a subtle vintage look to pair with the modern engagement ring that also features nature-inspired leaf-shaped prongs.



What to Consider with a Pear Cut

Pear cut diamonds feature some unique characteristics that have contributed to their rapid increase in popularity. Since the pear cut is an elongating shape, it will have a lengthening effect when worn, making it very nice for shorter fingers. The cut has incredible sparkle since it is cut with a brilliant faceting style and you’ll have options for proportion with either a narrow or wide pear shape.

But there are some features of the pear cut that require extra consideration. Just as with an oval cut diamond, a pear cut can display a bow-tie effect where a darker part spreads across the middle of the stone. The visibility can be diminished with a well-cut stone and great light return. Pear cuts also have a vulnerability at their point, so you’ll need a setting that protects and reinforces that area. And any imperfections in the symmetry will be more noticeable in a pear cut.

What the pear cut offers is a chance to achieve a drastically different look by setting the stone on its side in an east-west orientation. This can be a lovely, unconventional look that will really stand out. Similarly, while it’s customary to wear the rounded edge of the pear pointing towards the back of your hand, you can always flip it around so the point is in that direction.

4.27ct, G color, VS1 clarity pear cut diamond

4.27ct, G color, VS1 clarity pear cut diamond

two rustic loose pear cut diamonds

Two loose rustic pear cut diamonds

Comparing Pear Cut Ring Setting Styles

Like many other diamond cuts, the pear cut is absolutely lovely when featured in a solitaire or halo setting. Since the pear cut itself creates plenty of visual interest, it can truly be a standout all on its own. When designed with a pavé halo surrounding the stone, the pear cut is accentuated with more sparkle and shape and looks incredibly elegant.

The best setting styles for pear cut diamonds ensure that the stone is well-protected at its vulnerable point and shows off its unique shape. Two styles that perfectly fit these needs are a halo setting and a bezel setting. With a halo setting, the diamond will be protected by a layer of diamonds, and with the bezel setting, the diamond is protected by a full layer of metal. Choose a halo setting for a more romantic, vintage-inspired look and the bezel if you lead an active lifestyle or are drawn to a sleek and modern aesthetic.

When it comes to a pear cut diamond ring setting, the only steadfast rule is that the point of the stone be protected since it is the most fragile and vulnerable area of the stone. Leaving it exposed would increase the risk of the diamond chipping or breaking.

One consideration for three-stone settings: larger side stones don’t really work well with a pear cut. Due to its asymmetrical nature, larger side stones may leave gaps against the center stone and create an imbalanced look, however a three-stone look can be accomplished with smaller side stones, such as with our Shanel or Lebow.

Three stone pear diamond ring with hidden halo

pear diamond rings on hand

Pear diamonds, in two different settings

Metal Choice & Band Width

As with all parts of your engagement ring and wedding band options, metal choice and band width will be driven by personal preference. Pear cuts can look good with any color metal, and mixing metals between the engagement ring and the wedding band can be a fun way to express your style.

Let the color of the diamond be your guide. In general, let the color exhibited in your diamond dictate the metal you choose. If your diamond exhibits noticeable yellowish tints, choose yellow or rose gold. The warmth of those metal tones helps to mask the yellowish hue and the diamond will appear lighter. If your diamond is more colorless in nature, choosing platinum or white gold will amp up the crisp, icy white of the diamond and really enhance the sparkle.

These guidelines would typically apply with wedding bands as well, since they’re seen next to the engagement ring, but it’s slightly less important because they’re removed enough that there is some distance. So if mixing metals is your thing, pear cuts will absolutely work for you.

Think slimmer when it comes to width. When it comes to band width, the asymmetrical nature of the pear cut means that a thinner band is going to better complement the shape of the stone, without overpowering it. The same goes for wedding bands. Keeping it thinner and not as wide leaves plenty of space for the pear shape to be noticed and not lost. If you like a wider band, consider setting the diamond in an east-west orientation. This subtle shift for the stone is less overwhelmed by a wider band.

Finding a wedding band to accompany your pear-shaped engagement ring is all about creating a balanced and complementary look. But your personal style gets to decide what that means to you. Just be sure you don’t overpower the pear cut stone, and you’ll have a gorgeous set!

three stone halo engagement ring
pear cut diamond engagement ring and ring set

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