Choosing the Best Wedding Bands for Marquise Cut Rings

Picture this: a diamond that gracefully dances with light, boasting a silhouette unlike any other. It's a marquise cut, a shape that when created into an engagement ring demands a wedding band as enchanting as its own mystique. Join us as we dive into the plethora of style options and uncover the secrets to choosing wedding bands for marquise engagement rings that elevate its beauty.

Pairing a Wedding Band for a Marquise Cut Ring

A marquise engagement ring and its perfect wedding band counterpart will make a captivating pair. The marquise cut is incredibly versatile, showcasing an elongated shape that not only maximizes carat weight but also exudes a sense of regal sophistication. Its versatility extends beyond its aesthetics, as the marquise cut can create the illusion of longer, slender fingers. This proportion provides the opportunity to play with different looks when selecting a wedding band.

Classic Simplicity

For those who appreciate timeless beauty, a classic wedding band is an excellent choice. A simple, subtly adorned band allows the marquise diamond to stay the highlight, emphasizing its elongated and graceful form. This pairing is perfect for individuals who prefer a traditional and understated look.

That’s the look you get here with this marquise cut engagement ring set with a gorgeous blue sapphire. It’s topped by a sophisticated and subtle, v-point pavé-set wedding band for a sleek look.

vintage marquise ring with wedding bands

Vintage Glamour

To add a touch of vintage glamour, consider a wedding band with intricate details such as filigree or milgrain, or different sized and shaped stones. These details can complement the marquise cut's romantic and regal aesthetic. Vintage-inspired bands often feature delicate craftsmanship, providing a nostalgic and sophisticated vibe that resonates with the uniqueness of the marquise diamond.

In this design, we’ve brought in a selection of diamond shapes for a stacked engagement ring and wedding band look that is fit for a queen. The contoured band featuring marquise, baguette, and round diamonds sits like a sunburst crown on top. On the bottom, a straight band of marquise and round cut diamonds adds extra sparkle and shine.

vintage marquise ring with wedding bands

Modern Chic

For a contemporary and chic style, opt for a wedding band with a sleek and minimalist design. A straight or contoured band with nature-inspired elements that sits flush with the marquise engagement ring can create a seamless and modern look. This style is ideal for those who appreciate clean lines and a bold aesthetic.

You can see that here with a solitaire set marquise diamond engagement ring with leaf prongs. It’s paired with a pavé-set straight wedding band that nestles seamlessly against the engagement ring for a seamless look.

marquise ring with straight wedding band

What to Consider with a Marquise Cut

Certain things about the characteristics of marquise cuts play a significant role in determining the overall quality and appearance of the diamond. Since you want to ensure that your wedding band accentuates your engagement ring, consider these points first.

The marquise cut features pointed ends and elongated sides, creating an elegant boat-like shape. A well-cut marquise diamond showcases brilliance and sparkle, making the most of its unique silhouette. When selecting a wedding band, consider a style and size that aligns with the diamond's proportions, ensuring a harmonious look.

Marquise diamonds tend to display color more prominently at their points. Choosing a diamond with a slightly higher color grade can help mitigate any potential yellowish tones at the tips. However, if the warmer yellow tone is appealing, you can choose yellow or rose gold for the metal and achieve an overall warm glow to the engagement ring.

Due to its elongated shape, a marquise cut may reveal inclusions more readily. Opt for a diamond that ensures the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, maintaining the diamond's beauty. To do this, it is best to see the diamonds in person so you can assess just how visible the inclusions are and their placement on the stone.

Comparing Marquise Cut Ring Setting Styles

When choosing a setting for a marquise engagement ring, certain styles enhance its inherent beauty. But each of those styles will dictate certain things about what type of wedding band will create the most compelling look.

The timeless allure of the prong setting creates a classic embrace for your marquise diamond. Metal claws delicately secure the diamond, allowing maximum light exposure to illuminate its facets. Opt for a wedding band with a slight contour to nestle against the prongs, creating a seamless connection that enhances the overall elegance of the engagement ring.

In the prong setting below, the leaf details of the prongs are echoed in the linked leaves of the straight band. The additional contoured band accentuates the point of the marquise diamond with a sunburst of marquise, baguette, and round diamonds.

For those seeking an extra layer of allure, the halo setting is a lovely choice. A circle of smaller diamonds or gemstones orbits the marquise center stone, adding extra sparkle and visual interest. Consider a contoured or nested wedding band that complements the curvature of the halo, creating a cohesive and dazzling ensemble.

With the wedding ring stack below, the halo setting and split shank are complemented with a vintage-inspired straight band set with small round diamonds, and a nature-inspired contoured band featuring leaf details and a single diamond at the point, accentuating the point of the marquise.

Another option for a marquise diamond is the more unconventional east-west setting - a declaration of modernity, turning tradition on its side by placing the marquise diamond horizontally. This bold choice accentuates the diamond's length and offers a unique, eye-catching design. When considering a wedding band, explore options that mirror this horizontal alignment. A straight or slightly contoured band can complement the sleekness of the east-west setting, creating a visual unity that emphasizes the unconventional beauty of your engagement ring.

marquise diamond with crown wedding band
marquise halo diamond with platinum wedding band

Metal Choice and Band Width

The metal choice for an engagement ring significantly impacts its overall aesthetic and durability. Known for its strength and resistance to tarnish, platinum is an excellent choice for those seeking a hypoallergenic option with a cool, silvery-white hue. A more budget-friendly alternative to platinum, white gold offers a similar appearance. Keep in mind that white gold may require occasional rhodium plating to maintain its bright white color.

Classic and timeless, yellow gold complements the warmth that can appear in a marquise diamond. Its rich, golden hue adds a touch of traditional elegance. With its romantic and blush-toned appearance, rose gold has gained popularity in recent years. This warm and distinctive metal choice can enhance the romantic allure of a marquise engagement ring.

And if more than one of these metal options is appealing, you can always mix metals for a unique look and a ton of visual interest. Stacking multiple wedding bands even offers the chance to pair three different metals if you really wanted something untraditional.

As a final point, consider the band width in relation to the marquise cut. A slender band can emphasize the diamond's elongated shape, while a wider band can provide a bold and substantial look. This slender band will offer a lot of contrast with the elongated shape, and a wider band will provide more of a balanced look. You can see this with our solitaire marquise diamond engagement ring on a pavé band paired with a wider wedding band also creates a mixed metal combination.

Ultimately, the magic lies in the thoughtful pairing of a wedding band for a marquise engagement ring. Whether classic, enchanting, or bold, each combination offers a canvas for your creativity and your unique love story.

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