Unique Men's Wedding Rings

We say it all the time: There’s no one ‘right’ type of wedding ring. While this can feel obvious for women’s wedding rings, it’s often not part of the discussion for men’s wedding rings. Our goal is always to celebrate your union, commitment, and personality your way, and that definitely extends to both partners in the couple. So to truly inspire, we’ve pulled together some of our most unique men’s wedding rings to suit every style and how to choose your own.

How to Choose a Unique Wedding Ring

When choosing a ring of any kind, there are certain details you must make decisions about, from the type of metal to the width of the band. From there, the usual recommendation is to consider your lifestyle and personal preferences. Do you want a heavier, more substantial ring, or one that has a more minimal profile so you don’t always feel it? Are you fairly active or in a profession that involves heavy use of your hands?

Most of these questions are directed towards making a decision between a few style choices and don’t touch on the many possibilities of form the ring can take. When thinking of choosing a unique wedding ring, it can be so much more than selecting a less-used metal or a surprising finish. Unique wedding rings span the spectrum of incorporating design choices and techniques that can speak to any realm of your real life – tastes, hobbies, personality, career, you name it.

So you may want to start your search by asking yourself questions about what you love to spend time doing, what excites you about life or what special thing do you and your partner always do together. Unique men’s wedding rings are all about personalizing that special piece of jewelry so it is unmistakably you. 

To help with inspiration, we’ve put together the five most common categories of unique men’s wedding rings that we get asked about.

Embrace your love of nature and the beauty of organic forms with a rustic style wedding ring. From incorporating literal references to nature in the design, like branches and leaves, to more subtle takes like a fluid shape reminiscent of an ocean wave, you’ve got countless options.

The beauty of nature couldn’t be much clearer than in our Eli wedding ring. The matte finish band is accented with fine, detailed leaves and twisting vines to completely encircle your finger with the organic forms of the outdoors.

Highlighting a unique, organic look through mixed metals and textures, our Awu updates a traditional look with hints of natural inspiration. The inner ring is textured to mimic the detailing of wood grain for an elegant, natural feel.

Artistic & Sculptural Rings

For the lover of the special nuances found in art, design, or architecture, you may desire a wedding ring with a unique, artistic flare. Living without limitations to your imagination and creativity can certainly be replicated in the style of your ring.

The epitome of a cool, mixed metal work of art, Ayer is an exquisite combination of 14k rose gold and platinum in a grid-like pattern. Like windows on a skyscraper or perfectly placed bricks for a fireplace, the indentations add a unique texture and modern feel.

A combination of tradition and modernity, our Narsees pairs a softly brushed and polished white gold band with an elegant and sculptural curve. It’s sleek and cool with a subtle nod to that little something extra in style.

Personalized Men's Rings

There’s nothing quite as unique as a personalized wedding ring that carries a daily reminder of your partner and your love for each other. For a truly unique ring, think beyond simply engraving initials or a wedding date and explore what truly touches your heart.

In a highly personalized and unique design, we have our Lito, which is engraved with your partner’s fingerprint. The soft hammered texture of the band provides a warmth and artisanal feel to surround the one-of-a-kind fingerprint.

For our couples set, Odela & Bruno, we’ve applied a hammered texture to yellow gold and envisioned a matching pair drawn together with sapphires. Bruno, set with a single organically-shaped sapphire, and Odela, sprinkled with cultured sapphires throughout.

Fun & Whimsical Rings

If you’re drawn to the out-of-the-ordinary, surprising, and unforgettable, your adventurous spirit may find a perfect match in a statement wedding ring. Sleek and dramatic without being too flashy, these rings will stand out all on their own.

Been obsessed with LEGOs since you were a kid and still set aside hours on a weekend to build the newest release? We have a ring for that. With our Rahul, the ring is designed to actually fit any 2x1 lego piece – deciding on the color of the day is up to you.

Incorporating your interests and hobbies is a great way to personalize your ring. Our Evian is the perfect example of that - a unique wave pattern can resonate for water lovers or surfers.

Think diamonds and gemstones are just for the ladies? Well, think again. Treat yourself to a bit of sparkle and shine that adds to the coolness and sophistication of a unique wedding ring with just a subtle touch of something extra.

Starting with a textured band featuring a Mobius Strip, our Lyle ups the ante on its cool factor with the precise placement of three small round diamonds on one side. Unexpected and totally memorable, the diamonds add the perfect amount of sparkle.

For our Dash, let yourself get creative with a band that suits your fancy – any metal, any texture, any width – and then enjoy the inclusion of three small diamonds or gemstones, placed as though borrowed from a beautiful constellation in the sky.

There are many ways to interpret a minimalist and modern aesthetic leaving plenty of room to create unique men’s wedding rings with a few simple twists on design choice. Whether it’s a single gemstone, mixed metals, or a surprising shape, minimalist style can leave quite the impression.

For our Belkin, we have a gorgeously polished platinum band set with a single white baguette-shaped diamond to add an ethereal coolness to the minimalist piece while producing an unexpected, but not out of place, sparkle.

Mixed metal and two-tone rings allow for the perfect minimalist ring with the chance to be a little surprising in intentional and unique ways. For our Hansen, we’ve paired 2mm of 14k yellow gold with 6mm of 14k white gold for an under the radar work of art.

If classic, timeless, and elegant describe your tastes, but you’re concerned that could equal a boring yellow gold wedding ring, think again. A polished, yellow gold ring creates the perfect foundation to develop a unique wedding ring by adding subtle features.

A modern take on a classic, our Clune takes the traditional yellow gold band and infuses it with subtle personality. An interesting geometric engraved pattern paired with a thicker than normal band makes for a classic, yet contemporary, showstopper.

With a vintage feel and some subtly intricate peek-a-boo design features, our Patrick is a modern classic. The simple detail work around the edges combined with the light hammered texture make for a cool classic wedding ring

Choosing a wedding ring as unique as you are is a great way to add extra meaning to a deeply symbolic piece of jewelry. Pick a band that catches your eye or bring that special idea you have to a talented jeweler and just see what magic they can create!

Have questions? We're happy to help.