Pear Diamond Sizes on Hand
& Carat x MM Conversion

Pear Diamonds MM x Carat (Sample Conversions)

The numbers below are examples of actual loose pear diamonds that were in our inventory, and are meant to give examples of the conversion between size and carats. They should not be interpreted as standards.

Size - MM Carats Size - MM Carats

5.90 x 3.66

0.30 carat

8.90 x 6.00

1.20 carat

6.56 x 4.11

0.40 carat

8.85 x 6.30

1.40 carat

7.24 x 4.42

0.50 carat

10.39 x 6.10

1.50 carat

7.88 x 4.88

0.70 carat

10.20 x 6.66

1.70 carat

8.12 x 5.15

0.80 carat

10.30 x 6.78

1.80 carat

8.67 x 5.37

0.90 carat

11.30 x 6.51

1.90 carat

8.36 x 5.51

1.00 carat

11.09x 6.83

2.00 carat

Pear Diamonds of Different Sizes on Hand:
1.0 Carat to 2.7 Carats

pear diamonds of different sizes on hand

There are many reasons when to go pear — they have that brilliance and sparkle of round diamonds, while also having the effect of elongating the appearance of the finger. An added bonus is that they'll be lower cost per carat than a round brilliant.⁠⁠
We encourage you to take a look at a few different stones in different lighting before making the big decision, and at Ken & Dana Design, we'll help you do just that.⁠⁠
A few other pros/cons to consider are below; read our full guide on pear diamonds for more.


  • - The shape of the pear cut will have an elongating effect on your finger.
  • - The price is likely to be 15-30% less expensive than the highest priced diamond per carat, the round brilliant.
  • - Its brilliant faceting style ensures a sparkly diamond with lots of fire and brightness when cut well.
  • - Its unique shape offers instant personality and elegance that sets itself outside of the pack.


  • - You should choose a setting that will protect the vulnerable point of the diamond stone.
  • - While it’s quite possible to find a beautiful stone with minimal bow-tie effect, any stone you choose is likely to display the effect to some degree.
  • - The unique shape has more elements to its symmetry you’ll want to compare before choosing a stone.
  • - Pear cut diamonds of high quality can be relatively rare.


Pear cut diamond in 1.00, 1.500 and 2.00 carat.

Our Jessie ring in a 1.25 carat pear, 1.36 carat oval, 2.25 carat oval diamond rings

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