Oval Diamond Sizes on Hand
& Carat x MM Conversion

Oval Diamonds MM x Carat

The numbers below are examples of actual loose oval diamonds that were in our inventory, and are meant to give examples of the conversion between size and carats. They should not be interpreted as standards.

Diamond Size (MM) Carat Weight
5.25 x 3.71 mm
0.30 ct
5.72 x 4.22mm
0.40 ct
6.29 x 4.54 mm
0.50 ct
6.56 x 4.78 mm
0.60 ct
7.05 x 4.86 mm
0.70 ct
7.84 x 5.00 mm
0.80 ct
7.45 x 5.49 mm
0.90 ct
7.94 x 5.77 mm
1.0 ct
8.79 x 5.50 mm
1.10 ct
8.63 x 5.94 mm
1.20 ct
8.88 x 6.05 mm
1.4 ct
8.95 x 6.68 mm
9.12 x 6.72 mm
1.8 ct
9.61 x 7.10 mm
2.0 ct
10.36 x 7.74 mm
2.5 ct
11.05 x 8.23 mm
3.0 ct
12.91 x 8.29 mm
3.5 ct

Oval Diamonds of Different Sizes on Hand:
0.80 Carat to 3.5 Carats

oval diamonds ranging from 0.80 carart to 3.5 carats

There are many reasons why you should consider an oval diamond— they offer the classic feel and brilliance of a round diamond while still being a little out of the ordinary (and less expensive!). They also have the effect of elongating the appearance of the finger and will appear larger than their carat weight.⁠⁠
However, its worth noting that the bow tie effect will be present in almost all oval diamonds and the stone may not hide its color as well as a round stone—meaning you'll need a higher color grade if you prefer a nearly colorless stone.⁠⁠
We encourage you to take a look at a few different stones in different lighting before making the big decision, and we'll be glad help you do just that.⁠⁠
A few other pros/cons to consider are below: (read our full guide on oval diamonds for more).


  • - They can appear larger than their carat weight.
  • - Options to go with an elongated oval or a shorter, wider oval to help accentuate the look of your finger.
  • - Perfect choice if you want a classic ring that still has a little something “out of the ordinary.”
  • - Oval cuts hide imperfections in the diamond really well.


  • - The bow-tie effect is likely to be present in any diamond you choose.
  • - Oval cut diamonds display more body color, so you’ll need a higher color grade if your preference is a near colorless stone.
  • - With so many varying shapes, it may take longer to find an oval that is the proportion, size and overall look you love.
  • - It’s really hard to get an idea of how an oval cut diamond will look just based on evaluating gradings on a certificate.

Oval diamond Treblis ring featuring a 2 carat oval, 1.7 carat oval and a 1.2 carat oval

Oval diamond Treblis ring shown from the front (2 carat oval, 1.7 carat oval and a 1.2 carat oval)

Our classic oval Florina ring shown in a 1 carat, 1.5 carat and 2 carat oval diamond.

Our classic oval Florina ring shown in a 1 carat, 1.5 carat and 2 carat oval diamond.

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