Angelina & Alec: Picnic Proposal in Houston's Memorial Park

man proposing on knee picnic
picnic engagement proposal
picnic engagement proposal
picnic engagement proposal
couple embracing after engagement
couple toasting over engagement

Instagram: @findmewayoutthere & @alec.klimowicz

Location: Picnic in Houston's Memorial Park

Photographer: Ashlee Crianza Photography

In our words:

How we met:

With Alec being born just over a year earlier and only two miles away, we grew up walking the same paths, attending the same middle school, but never crossing until Alec's senior year.

During October 2013 of our Junior and Senior year, Alec's friend, Mark, decided that he was going to ask Angelina's friend, Mattie, to homecoming. Their first official meeting took place helping Mark with his Homecoming-proposal over smash burgers and sweet potato fries.

Over the next few weeks, they carved some pumpkins, went to a rap concert, and occasionally hung out before parting ways for college. They didn't speak for the next five years.

The engagement:

After three years of dating, Alec proposed in Houston's Memorial Park with a picnic commemorating their first date, with the first Christmas gift he gave her: a picnic basket.

You could ask them what they said, but both excitedly blacked out and only remember the photographer saying it happened, capturing the moment for eternity.

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