Cristina & Kevin: Rooftop Proposal in Midtown Manhattan

man proposing on one knee midtown rooftop nyc
man proposing on one knee midtown rooftop nyc
man proposing on one knee midtown rooftop nyc
man proposing on one knee midtown rooftop nyc

Location: Rooftop in midtown Manhattan

Instagram: @cristinabzaragoza & @castillo335
Photographer: @petronellaphotography 

In our words:

Cristina and I met in Las Vegas back in the summer of 2018. We were both vacationing with our friends and we attended the same event that summer. We met by random at a pool party and as she turned to walk away from me, I stopped her and asked her for her phone number. She gave it to me and we talked almost every day after we both left Vegas (her going back to California and me returning to New Jersey). I invited her to come visit me across the country and we started a long distance relationship shortly after. A year and a half later, she made the move to the East Coast and here we are.

Cristina chose KDD because she felt as though her vision was understood. She loved that the associates were so kind and wanted her to find exactly what she was looking for. They helped us with custom designing Cristina’s dream ring and sourcing her perfect diamond and it was a seamless and smooth process.

I proposed on our 5 year anniversary in the middle of Midtown NYC. This city means so much to us because of how often we venture there since we live right across the Hudson. I rented a private rooftop for an hour and had it decorated with candles and a photographer ready to go. It was New York City’s first snowfall in almost two years and we think that has to be good luck that this was the day the proposal was happening!

Thank you so much KDD! We appreciate all your hard work and for making the most perfect engagement ring that we will treasure forever.

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