Abigail & Lance: Proposal at the Metropolitan Museum

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Instagram: @amgardner1 & @lance_jewett. Photos by: @vivian.nazzaro.

Location: Millenium Falcon @ Disneyworld

In our words:

Lance and I met in college at TCU (go frogs!). We were both musical theatre majors and were cast in the fall musical which is where we got to know each other. I was a senior and he was a freshman, so it was honestly quite bold when he asked me out. But I figured there was no harm and it would just be a fun fling. Well 6 1/2 years later, I think it's safe to say it was always more than a fun fling. In those 6 years we did 3 years of long distance while he finished college and I pursued my career in NYC. Naturally he graduated in 2020 so our timeline got pushed back by the pandemic, and he didn't end up joining me in NYC til 2021 when we finally were able to move in together. We're thankful for our time of long distance dating. Although obviously it's never ideal and we always wished we were physically in the same place, it gave us great communication and trust in each other that benefits our relationship every day.

We had been talking about marriage for a few years, especially as I crawled into my late 20s. Before, the time never felt right but then around my 28th birthday we decided to go look at rings. I had followed KDD on instagram for some time - having stumbled upon your insta on the discover page. I figured that would be a good place to look as I liked a lot of your designs and the variety you offered. And we liked that you had natural and lab grown diamonds and moissanite as well since we didn't know what our budget would end up being.

 We went for our meeting just to look and figure out what I would want. Stephanie was so so helpful with finding what shape stone I wanted, what size looked best on my hand, and she got my vibe and ended up showing us the setting we chose. After our meeting we walked over to 9th ave and found a lil' Italian restaurant where we talked about the future, how looking at rings made us feel, and just in general what marriage means to us. It was a really special day that I still think of fondly.

Then I let it be in Lance's hand (honestly not thinking he would really be seriously looking). Little did I know, only weeks later he went to look at more diamonds Stephanie had sourced for him. He said she was incredibly helpful and actually helped him find a stone that had the same specs as my dream diamond we had looked at in the meeting, but at a price in his budget. He then put in the order for the ring and began working on the proposal.

Having been together for over 6 years, all of this wasn't the biggest surprise. We went shopping for the ring, we talked over the timeline, and we even had a vacation planned to Colorado (a place that is very dear to our hearts) that I thought would be when he popped the question. However, Lance had a work commitment come up so we had to cancel the vacation and it shifted his plan completely.

He apparently then immediately changed to how he ended up actually proposing. It happened on his birthday, and I thought I was being very presumptuous thinking it even possibly could happen then. He told me he wanted to go to the Met for his birthday and then to our favorite restaurant (a night that sounded suspiciously like my perfect night). I bought it because all his friends told me they were busy on the actual date of his birthday so we planned to celebrate the next day. I just thought we were having a date night bday celebration of just us. I slightly suspected just because he had some vibes leading up to the day, but those thoughts were squashed when he got a call from his parents to wish him a happy birthday. I was like, they aren't THAT good of actors so it must not be happening today. Oh well! And to the Met we went. By that time, I was completely unaware and just thought we were enjoying one of our favorite museums and going to the Van Gogh exhibit.

We go through, killing time until we get through the waitlist for the exhibit, and actually get to a room I've never been in. I ask him how much longer until we're off the waitlist, and see on his phone he had canceled our place. That was when he told me he had something more important to do. At this point, I can't tell you what he did or said cause I blacked out. But trust me, I came-to when he opened the box and I saw the gorgeous ring. I was in awe of the diamond he picked and just how beautiful the setting was. The ring fits my hand actually perfectly (thanks to Stephanie sizing me during our consultation!). He had a family friend secretly taking pictures of us, so we then were able to go around the Met and take some truly stunning pictures.

When we were finished we headed to the restaurant for dinner (Paulie Gee in Greenpoint - best pizza in NYC!). When the hostess took us to our table in the back, I realized both of our entire families were at the restaurant. I couldn't believe that my family came all the way from New Orleans and his from Kansas City. I sobbed like a baby and it was the best surprise of my life. After dinner, we went to a bar where I was surprised a third time by all our friends. It was truly the most thoughtful night filled with so much love celebrating our love. I'm still in awe of every detail that he thought of to keep it a surprise, which was quite a feat considering how long we've been together and that we live together.

I cannot be more thankful for the part KDD played in our engagement, and the gorgeous ring I now get to proudly wear that symbolizes the love and journey we've already been on and the one ahead of us. Everyone who sees it comments how beautiful it is (and I work at an office on the UES so that's quite the compliment with those ladies haha). I can't wait to come in to try on wedding bands! 

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