Hope & Joey: Proposal in Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA

man proposing on one knee midtown rooftop nyc
man proposing on one knee Forsyth fountain, savannah GA

Location: Forsyth Fountain, Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA

Instagram: @hopejenniferrr & @joeycalderaio
Photographer: @hilarydukephoto 

In our words:

On a cool spring evening on May 14, 2017, Hope found herself at a local bar with her cousin and her wife. The bar was buzzing with the energy from the lively band, led by Joey, a talented musician who seemed to charm the entire room.

As Joey played through his setlist, Hope couldn't help but be drawn to the music. Mesmerized by his voice (and of course his face!), she locked eyes with him and sang along to every word. During his break, Joey, intrigued by Hope's ability to memorize every lyric to every song, approached her cousin, and conversation flowed easily.

Introduced by her cousin, Hope and Joey spent the rest of the night talking, laughing, and discovering all the things they had in common. Their connection was instantaneous, like a melody that resonated deep within their souls.

Fast forward 6 and a half years, and their love had only grown stronger. Fueled by the encouragement (and perhaps a bit of pressure) from their families, Joey knew it was time to take the next step. Hope shared with him that she had two specific requirements for her dream ring – sustainably made and not a natural diamond (she was traumatized from watching Blood Diamond at a young age lol). Inspired by friends who had a delightful experience with Ken and Dana, the couple decided to entrust them with creating the perfect symbol of their commitment.

The scene was set on the Sunday before Thanksgiving in 2023 as Hope and Joey set off on a road trip to Myrtle Beach to spend time with their family. Unbeknownst to Hope, Joey had planned a surprise proposal in one of their favorite vacation spots, Savannah, GA. Joey had every detail planned out to ensure that they would be able to stop in Savannah without alerting Hope to the surprise. However, as fate would have it, Hope suggested a stop at Two Tides Brewing, their favorite brewery in Savannah.
After sharing some tastes of their favorite beers, Hope suggested that they take a walk through a park before continuing on their road trip, unknowingly suggesting the next step in Joey's plan. Strolling through Forsyth Park, Hope remarked on its beauty and its potential as a wedding venue – little did she know how prophetic her words would be.

With the iconic Forsyth Fountain as a backdrop, Joey seized the moment. Spotting a woman with a professional camera, he approached her and discreetly confirmed that she was the photographer he had set up to capture the magical moment. As they posed for a picture, Joey dropped to one knee, pulling out the ring that represented their journey, commitment, and love.

In a moment that felt suspended in time, Joey asked Hope to be his forever. Overwhelmed with surprise, joy, and complete shock, Hope was elated, screaming with excitement, as she realized that the love story that began in a local bar years ago had just reached a breathtaking crescendo. With a resounding "yes," they committed to forever the park that had inadvertently become a part of their love story, creating a memory that would be cherished for a lifetime.

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