Alyssa & Alex: Proposal Under the Rialto Bridge, Venice

proposal under a bridge in venice, italy
engagement proposal under a bridge in venice, italy
proposal under a bridge in venice, italy

Instagram: alyssagarriga & alexjaviduran

Photographer: Flytographer

Location: Venice, Italy

In our words:

The story starts five years ago… eager for a part-time job while studying. So much so, I serendipitously walked into a restaurant (I couldn’t find the restaurant I actually had an interview with) and asked if they were hiring, and luckily, they were! I was interviewed and hired as a host on the spot. Little did I know Alex (my now fiancé) was watching all of this happen from the bar of said restaurant – where he waited for his serving shift to begin. He claims I caught his eye right away. He was hoping I landed the gig.  

A couple of weeks passed, and he and I are scheduled for the same shift. Amid chaos (Valentine’s week), we cross paths at one of the POS stations. It was like time stopped for a moment. Silence. Sparks. I just knew. That was my husband. I could see it in his eyes the a-ha moment “there she is.”
The talking/flirting stage was so fun, of course. A moment in time we still enjoy looking back on. We officially started dating a few months later and have succeeded to stay together through it all. We’re rooted in equal values, great families, and a love and appreciation for food & drink, music, art in all its forms, and travel.

On one of our trips to New York, we decided to look at engagement rings together. I’m particular so we knew it was best I be a part of the process. Ken & Dana Design was the one and only place we went. They made the entire process so seamless and pleasant. I enjoyed the personalization of it all and the opportunity to be a part of the souring process. Their diamonds are ethically sourced and handcrafted using recycled materials. There is truly something for every love story, style preference, and budget.

The girls are so kind and supportive. They helped Alex expedite the ring order just in time for our summer trip to Europe. He popped the question in Venice, Italy in front of our parents underneath the Rialto bridge. We spent the rest of the day enjoying pizza, Aperol spritzes and live music in San Marco Square. A dream, really. We’ve been slowly but surely planning the big day ever since and look forward to getting back to Ken & Dana very soon for our bands. <3

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