Lynslee & Austin: Lake Como Proposal

engagement proposal at lake como
engagement ring in box
trying on engagement ring
engagement proposal at lake como
couple twirling at lake como

Instagram: @lynsleee & @austin.batugal
Photographers: @mattandg@mattandgracestudioracestudio
Location: Lake Como, Italy

In our words:
Austin and I met in middle school but didn't start formally dating until second year of high school. Even though we took a break during our college years, our love to each other pulled us back together after graduation and we ended up moving from California to New York post pandemic. Since then, we've found new things to learn and love about each other each season and we're over the moon to experience this new chapter of life together.
Before our engagement, we went to many different ring shops but I loved the vintage and unique style of rings Ken and Dana Design had. I remember later looking at the company's Instagram and telling Austin that if the Shanel ring didn't have the diamonds around the band, I think that would be the ring I wanted. Little did I know, he was listening AND that Ken and Dana could help make this customization come true.
Prior to the proposal as well, and probably in my Tumblr era, I had told Austin about Lake Como and how beautiful it looked. I'm also sure I sent him proposal pictures there a while ago too, haha. When he told me that he planned a photoshoot during our trip, I thought something was up but I played along. The day of the photoshoot, I felt the tensions were high between the photographer and Austin. We got to a spot where there was two beautiful columns and the photographer mentioned "do something romantic" and that's when he popped the question. The moment was unreal and right after the proposal it had started raining - almost like the universe wanted him to propose before the downpour!

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