Stephanie & Isaac: Ethereal Iceland Proposal

couple hugging underneath waterfall in iceland
couple proposing underneath waterfall in iceland
couple underneath beautiful waterfall
couple smiling with ring in foreground
oval diamond ring on ice

Instagram: @theimmigrantsong & @slynn.17 

Photographer: Leszek Nowakowski

Location: Iceland

In our words:

We met in 2021. Isaac had recently traveled to Iceland and I gushed about wanting to go someday. It was the first conversation we ever had.
We spent the next two years traveling and growing together. During that time, we found Ken and Dana on Instagram and visited together to try on different styles. A few months later, he secretly purchased a ring. (Oblivious to what had happened, I messaged him a gorgeous ring that Ken & Dana recently posted on their Instagram. I later learned that that was the exact ring he had purchased!)
In March 2023, we spontaneously booked a trip to Iceland, the place that brought us together. While roadtripping, we stopped at a secret waterfall. It was hidden in a cliffside with the sunlight casting a rainbow over the frozen grotto. We were lucky enough to be the only ones there. We walked right under the waterfall, which was still covered in winter ice, when he knelt and asked me to marry him. To my surprise, he had also coordinated a secret photographer who was able to capture the moment! The proposal was a wonderful surprise made even better by my dream ring, Matilda.
Ken and Dana’s designs combine timelessness and personality. Matilda’s twisted band is a perfect example of that. I get compliments all the time. People even notice the small details like the leaf prongs! The details reflect the natural backdrop to our magical proposal and remind me of it every day.


Their Ring: Matilda

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