Alexandra & Josh: Boat Proposal on the Potomac River

couple getting engaged on blue boat
couple getting engaged on blue boat

Instagram: @alexhoen & @jtwallace3

Photographers: @leelar & @jaquelyngabaldon

Location: Potomac River

In our words:  

Josh and I met through the dating app Hinge during the fall of 2020 (COVID couple alert!), where he would drive up two hours from Richmond to D.C. for our first couple of dates before he moved to the area. We knew within the first 6 months of dating each other that we wanted to be each other's "forever," and Josh told me he was going to marry me on July 4, 2021.

I had been looking at engagement rings for fun on Pinterest, and that's how I first stumbled across a Ken & Dana Designs ring (it was actually a Dory & Tempest set). So I went to the KDD shop during a NYC girls trip for St Patrick's Day this year, and fell in love with the Lucia engagement ring... I especially loved the hidden halo and the hidden stones underneath the basket.

On Easter weekend, Josh asked my parents for their permission to marry me, which was the easiest question they could ever answer. After that, he reached out to the KDD team about getting a ring made with all of the minute details I wanted from my appointment there, and started planning the most adorable proposal. He planned multiple dates throughout August to try to throw me off his trail, but was especially secretive about the one on August 25, 2023.

On our August 25th date, he'd rented a small baby blue retro boat on the Wharf of D.C., where we got to drive the motorized boat ourselves out on the Potomac River and soak in all of the panoramic views of the city. With The Beach Boys playing in the background (I refused to turn it off as I wasn't sure what was happening), Josh got on his knee--or as best he could on a boat--and asked if I would marry him, with the most perfect Ken & Dana Designs ring I had always wanted. Our friends Jaq and Leela were on a nearby dock in Alexandria, VA to capture the moment, which made it all the more special to me. We got dinner at a local restaurant afterwards, and Josh had planned a whole celebratory engagement brunch the next day too. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend, or a more perfect ring!

We're currently in the midst of planning for a wedding next September, 2024. :)

Thanks again the KDD & your team for being there right from the beginning! I'll shout this ring shop out from the rooftops.

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