Emily & Rahmein: Sunset Proposal at Dana Point, CA

man proposing on one knee in front of Pacific Ocean sunset
couple kissing at sunset in front of ocean
engaged couple in front of Pacific Ocean, dana point ca

Location: Dana Point, CA

Instagram: @emmiliasopphia & @rahherron
Photographer: @fitzphotography 

In our words:

Rahmein and I met in college about 10 years ago. We lived on the same floor 3 doors down in the dorms but had never crossed paths. My sorority sister came to visit me one weekend, she asked me to stop by her high school friend’s dorm to say hello. I went along and she introduced me to her friend, Rahmein. Little did we know we’d become inseparable. A lot of library and food hall dates, walks across campus, hours-end of studying; our friendship grew, and he asked me to be his girlfriend six months later.

Our engagement was by far the most exhilarating moment of our lives. It was long-awaited, earned, and highly deserved for both. I must add that he planned it to perfection. This past November we took a trip to SoCal to visit family and attend a wedding, we even flew our pup with us. Rahmein had been in cahoots with my aunt from New Jersey, and had been shopping and planning with many vendors in Cali.

Rahmein executed the most magical sunset Pacific ocean proposal at Dana’s Point, California. He got me to dress up claiming we were going to a “dinner date” and I truly had no idea it was happening until a bystander stood frozen as we were walking down the hill. This lady stopped us to ask, “Is this for you, is it a wedding or a proposal?” Cue my tears and shaky legs.

I learned about Ken and Dana through another dear sorority sister, Patty Leung, as she is part of the KDD family business. I was immediately fascinated with the uniqueness and classic look of all designs. I had told my now fiancé that when the time came, he had to check KDD. My fiancé brought me to select a ring last February. It felt so special because of the personal connection, the team worked with Rahmein’s decisions, and the ring was designed to fit my style. My ring is beyond beautiful and truly is a representation of our love story.  

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