Kelsey & Micah: Surprise Proposal in Cancun

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Location: Cancun

In our words:

How We Met:
Micah and I met last year on Hinge. I had used dating apps in the past and hated it, but for some reason, I re-downloaded it to give it one more try. We matched and from the first conversation with him, I felt like I had known him my entire life. We went on our first date a couple of weeks later. Between that first conversation and our first date, we talked for hours. We discovered so many coincidences, and it almost seemed unreal. We have been through so much in this last year and with every moment, we continue to find strength in one another and there is no doubt in my mind that this is the kind of love that finds its way back throughout time and space.

As for the proposal:
We were in Cancun with a group of friends. He told me that we were going to have dinner on the beach for our anniversary. We had talked about this before going on the trip, so I didn't think anything of it once we got there. Jill, the coordinator, met us in the lobby and told us about how hard she had worked to put dinner together and set everything up. She asked us to put on blindfolds so that she could surprise us, and I, wanting to be a good sport, happily complied. So we get to the beach, and I hear our song, ICU by Coco Jones, which I later discovered was being played live and on the cello. I am fully expecting a cute gazebo with rose petals, a basket of bread, and champagne. I took off my blindfold and saw Micah standing down the beach in front of giant letters that said: "Marry Me". There aren't enough words to describe the emotion that I felt at that moment. It was, by far, one of the greatest moments of my life and I wish I could live it over and over again.

Why Ken & Dana:
I chose Ken & Dana for multiple reasons. I knew she wanted a vintage setting, an oval stone, and, ultimately, something elegant and refined but different. I searched high and low, and I found many options. However, none had the level of quality and craftsmanship that I saw from Ken & Dana. The piece I ordered paid homage to the past by capturing the delicate details of a vintage ring but provided a more modern take. For anyone on the search for an engagement ring, I highly recommend Ken & Dana. They worked with me throughout the entire process, they delivered the ring early and I have yet to meet a person who has not commented on how stunning Kelsey's (my fiancee) ring looks.

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