Gemstones across the color spectrum have a unique cultural and historical significance and can add that "extra something special" to your piece. It's a great way to make your ring personalized and unique.


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Choosing a Gemstone

Like diamonds, choosing a beatiful gemstone is dependent upon many of the same characteristics, such as color, clarity, size, and cut. But unlike diamonds, your priorities might fall in a different order. For example, a gemstone is typically most valued for its color, so this characteristic, rather than brilliance, might be the first criteria you consider for narrowing your search.


Of the myriad of gemstone options available to you, Sapphires in particular are a favorite for engagement rings because of their lustrous color and durability. It is typical for them to be heated to help enhance their color, and those colors are found in a spectrum way beyond any rainbow in sight. Some are bright blues and others have color-changing properties like the blues and greens of the oceans. There are pinks, peaches and yellows as bright as the sun itself.
We offer both natural and cultured (also known as lab-created) Sapphires, along with Moissanites, Emeralds, Rubies, Alexandrites, Paraiba, Morganites, and Aquamarines. We know what is most important when sourcing a gemstone and will be your eyes and your advisors during the whole process. We are not only gemstone experts, but the ring makers as well.

Quality Gems

Although a standardized certification and grading system does not exist for gemstoness the way it does for diamonds, we do offer gemstones that have been evaluated and certified by and independent gemologist not affiliated with Ken & Dana.

Let Us Help

As always, we are here to help guide you through the process of choosing a high-quality gemstone that is just right for your special project.

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