Engraving & Personalizing Rings

As much as we love working with our clients to design the custom engagement ring of their dreams, sometimes time and budget constraints, or simply the client's preference doesn't work with the custom route.

In situations like these, we love other ways to personalize rings, such as engraving, adding texture or using meaningful gemstones.  

Engraving is one of the more inexpensive but memorable ways to personalize your ring. We've had clients include their names, important dates, or meaningful phrases on the inside of one or both rings.

Fingerprint rings are a way to create a truly one-of-kind ring. We can take the fingerprint and place on both the inside or the outside of the ring.

Reusing or repurposing stones from vintage and heirloom rings is one way to save memorable stones. With our Vesabe, our client provided the large diamonds from various heirloom rings, and we helped source Montana sapphires to complete her design.

We've also taken gemstones from rings and crafted jewelry, like this flower-shaped diamond pendant necklace.

Another way to personalize a ring is with creative textures. With our Emery ring, our client was keen to recreate the look of tree branches wrapping around a sapphire.

Color gemstones are always a great way to incorporate meaning into your creation, whether an engagement ring that incorporates the color of your partner's eyes like our Lanna, with Montana sapphires, or a necklace decorated with birthstones like our Higgie, made for a grandmother with the gemstones of all of her grandkids.

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