What is a Channel Set Ring?

A channel set ring is known for its combination of a sleek, modern look, gemstone protection, and an undeniable sparkle. While most people associate a channel setting with eternity rings in the form of wedding and anniversary bands, it can also add an understated elegance and a unique twist to engagement rings. If you’re drawn to the unexpected and uncommon, a channel setting is going to deliver on that, and more.

Channel Setting: Pros & Cons

Just as the name implies, a channel set ring features gemstones set within a channel created by walls of metal on the band. Each stone is carefully set side-by-side and is held in place by a slight lip on the metal walls of the channel. The lips of the channel securely hold on to the stones’ girdles and keep them from falling out.

The channel setting has a long history with a lot of old world significance, but it is most often associated with the Art Deco period in jewelry design. Characterized by clean lines and geometric angles, the sleek look and careful precision of a channel setting is very reminiscent of jewelry from this period. But it actually reached its peak popularity in the 1980s and throughout the 1990s before falling out of favor to pavé settings.


  • - Very cost-effective because it minimizes diamond imperfections and maximizes the beauty of small stones.
  • - One of the most secure and protective settings for diamonds since the metal walls cover the fragile girdle of a diamond.


  • - The channel setting can very quickly and easily gather dirt and debris between the stones, and it can be difficult to clean.
  • - Not as brilliant as other types of settings because more of the diamond is hidden within the metal.

A three band wedding ring with a channel set center

Why Opt for a Channel Set Ring?

Channel set rings offer an incredibly unique and creative take on the overall design and look of an engagement ring, and carry a lot of benefits for a safe and secure ring.

Super Secure Setting and Snag Free

The design of the channel set ring makes it incredibly secure for holding diamonds and gemstones in place. Also, there are no protruding parts, such as prongs, that could catch on clothes, hair, or furniture.                                                                                                    

Protects Against Bumps and Bangs

When you inevitably bump or bang your engagement ring on a door or a wall, the impact is absorbed by the metal walls that are holding the diamonds in place. This is a lot of protection against cracks, breaks and loosening of stones.

Budget Friendly and Cost-Effective

Channel set rings are quite budget friendly and cost-effective in a couple different ways. First, less expensive diamonds are perfect because the setting minimizes the appearance of imperfections and maximizes small stones. Second, each stone does not need to be set individually.

Ideal for Active Lifestyle

Since the channel setting holds diamonds and gemstones so securely and protects them very well against bumps and hits, this setting is ideal for an active lifestyle or professions that regularly require the use of your hands.

Difficult to Clean or Resize

The tightness and somewhat hidden nature of the stones within the setting make it extremely easy for dirt and debris to lodge between the stones and can be difficult to clean all the way. Also, any resizing of a channel set ring has the potential to distort the channel.

Art Deco-inspired ring with a channel set halo design

Modern channel set diamond wedding band

Channel Set vs. Pavé Set

The channel setting is often confused with the pavé setting, which is very reasonable because they are quite similar. Both settings feature rows of small diamonds that run along the shank of the band, and when viewed from a distance or in passing, they can look practically identical. However, they have a few very specific visual differences.

First, channel settings feature gemstones set inside a channel with a small lip of metal at the top of the wall holding the gemstones securely in place inside the ring. Pavé settings involve gemstones set on the surface of the ring and held in place with very small beads, similar to a prong.

Second, a variety of diamond and gemstone shapes are used with channel settings. Pavé settings almost exclusively use small round diamonds. Third, in channel settings, the stones press right up against each other, while in pavé settings, they never touch because they’re separated and supported by the tiny beads of metal.

Baguette diamonds + sapphires held in place with a channel setting

Pavé engagement ring

Designing a Channel Set Ring

With a channel setting, get ready to have an incredibly unique design that you’re not going to come across often. It offers sleek style and sparkle in an utterly snag-free and secure setting.

Channel set halos are an uncommon and beautiful way of accenting a center stone. Two of our favorites exude old world charm with this design. The first, Joanna, features a channel set sapphire halo embellished with milgrain and filigree. The second, Andora, showcases a channel set emerald halo with smooth, polished gold.

A channel setting on the band is a wonderful way to draw attention inward to the center stone. With our Luvinia, a slightly tapered band channel set with small diamonds leads into an intricately set round diamond with a bezel-set diamond surround.

But one of the things that a channel setting does best is create a statement wedding band. For Lizeth, we embodied the height of a sleek and modern wedding band with channel set baguette diamonds all the way around. And don’t forget men’s wedding bands that deserve some distinction. Two favorites incorporate a pop of the unexpected with channel set diamonds in black rhodium for our Franco, and alternating sapphire and diamond baguettes for our Ryan.

No matter the diamond shape or gemstone color, a channel setting is beautiful and will securely hold all stones for worry-free wear. Take advantage of this unique setting and its cost-effective features for an engagement ring, and maybe even wedding band, of your dreams!

Channel set emerald halo ring

Black rhodium plated ring with channel set diamonds

Baguette Diamond Channel Set Ring

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