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  • 14k white (recycled)
  • Platinum (recycled)

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Product details

Camilla exhibits a sparkling 3.68 carat cultured blue sapphire.  It’s truly the heart of the ocean.   The beautiful oval shape and checkerboard cut create a classic feel, while the deep blue color gives a sense of mystery.  Camilla features a glittering halo of diamond accents totaling 0.30ct in weight and is set in recycled 14k white gold. Handmade in NYC. 

What is a cultured sapphire?  These types of sapphires are cultivated under the same exact environmental conditions that natural sapphires endure, and with that a quality sapphire is grown over time with identical physical, chemical and optical properties to those found in nature. Unless you have a trained eye, you won’t tell the difference between a created sapphire and a mined one.  Created sapphires are definitely an option to consider for their durability and beauty. Your commitment to love- your promise- will be evident in this stone.   

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