Diamonds are symbols of love, devotion and fidelity in engagement rings today.  The diamond oozes with brilliance and sparkle from every direction and if you are looking to fascinate your partner, then that’s reason enough to invest in one. A diamond is a rare stone, which guarantees its well kept value.  Its also the most durable natural gemstone in the world, so choosing it for the engagement ring makes your gift to your partner even that more precious.  It’s meant to last a lifetime and beyond which is why it’s a worthy symbol of your love.

When shopping for your diamond, some find this an overwhelming process.  What to look for, getting a fair price, where to find a reputable dealer, and how to work out shipping logistics are just a few examples of the many questions that might come up for you. We believe that diamond shopping should be stress-free and fun; we will use our years of gemstone experience to advise you on all the technical stuff, leaving you to focus on what's important -  perfecting the design, getting a beautiful stone, and staying within budget. (For technical information on diamonds & gemstones, the GIA website is a great place to start.)

Simply put, it comes down to two things: paying a fair price, and getting a beautiful stone.  For example, we’ve come across plenty of diamonds with an “excellent cut” grade from the GIA (the authority on diamond grading), but when seen in person, they look dull and lackluster.  Conversely, an average-rated stone might sometimes look better than an excellent-rated stone.  This happens because diamond labs grade their stones by isolating each characteristic separately: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. However, from an aesthetic standpoint, what matters is the sum of all the parts: how the diamond looks when judged as a whole.  For this reason, the lab report should serve only as a starting point. Whenever possible, we always encourage our clients to see and compare diamonds in person.

As designers of your engagement ring, our goal is to help you find a great stone at a competitive price. We want you to enjoy your experience without having to worry about overpaying or buying the wrong stone.  In order of importance, we believe that your primary focus should be:

a.     Brilliance
b.     Size
c.     Clarity
d.     Color 

Most clients desire a diamond with great brilliance, is colorless, and devoid of visible inclusions (inclusions are naturally-occurring imperfections within a diamond).  Using this basic criteria as guideline, we recommend that you start at H color, SI1 clarity to get the most out of your budget.  Since we personally hand-select every stone, we will make sure that you never get a stone that is dull, has visible color, or imperfect to the naked eye.  Our philosophy is that we’ll never buy a diamond for you that we won’t be happy keeping for ourselves. 

Pictured below is a real life color comparison to give you an idea of what the different color grades might look like (D being the highest) and how price changes across the grading categories. Our pricing chart is also included below and is updated periodically. 



Ken & Dana Design (Round) Diamond Prices (updated 5/26/17)

*Our Recommended Grade

Carat Weight

F, VS1

G, VS2

*H, SI1

I, SI2+









































Above prices assume GIA Excellent cut grade, and VG or better for polish and symmetry.  This price list is only a starting place for the myriad of options that you can choose from.  Even though we recommend H SI1 grade to the client who wants to leave all the decisions to us, we buy diamonds in all grades, shapes, and sizes on a weekly basis.  Please contact us to find out how we can help.