Custom Commissions

We are excellent at simplifying the custom design process and helping you make your vision come to life in the form of the perfect ring. Below is a list of some special client-commissioned work, along with the unique stories behind each ring. Our process is designed to be easy for you, but also engaging: with drawings, photos & videos every step of the way. Speak directly to a designer by calling us, emailing us or making an appointment here.  Our designers will start with your ideas, wants and budget and together we will make your vision come to life. 

  • Ginnie Ginnie
  • Kenzi Kenzi
  • Viola Viola
  • Roxana Roxana
  • Permelia Permelia
  • Florence Florence
  • Renna Renna
  • Amani Amani
  • Bridgette Bridgette
  • Estefania Estefania
  • Paulina Paulina
  • Majesty Majesty
  • Rayna Rayna
  • Carmena Carmena
  • Lorax Lorax
  • Isabella Isabella
  • Reposa Reposa
  • Roan Roan
  • Amelia Amelia
  • Chelsea Chelsea
  • Kimberly Kimberly
  • Lanette Lanette
  • Emma Emma
  • Jessie Jessie
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