Top 3 Places Engagement Rings Go Astray

 Top 3 Places Engagement Rings Go Astray

#3 – The SINK

It’s been more often than not that we’ve heard stories about pipes having to be taken apart in order to find a missing ring.  Be careful – fingers tend to shrink when in water and soap makes for a slippery mishap.  Also, liquid soap and rings don’t mix – it builds up in the crevasses of the ring and dulls out the stone.   

#2 – The GYM

Really it’s not just the gym, but anywhere where people tend to be working out – a pool or hiking on a mountain- we tend to remove our rings to avoid discomfort during these activities.  Remember to store it away somewhere safe at these locations or leave it at home and avoid the possibility of leaving it behind next to the 5 lb dumbbells.  

#1 – The BEACH

Picture it – you take off your ring to put sunscreen on and lay it on your lap.  Once you are done, you get up quickly to grab a drink from the cooler before you melt in the sun.  The bad news is you forgot to put your ring back on and now its vanished in the sandy abyss.  It’s a needle in a hay stack.  Not only is the sand a scary place for jewelry, but so is the ocean.  Many lose their rings and other jewelry in the water because of waves and the fact that water shrinks our skin and makes it easy for rings to slip off.  My advice – leave the rings at home in a safe place.  



Although not one of the top three places rings disappear to -it is up there in the top twenty.  Don’t leave your rings laying around the house where your pet can easily eat it up or you’ll be making a costly trip to the vet. 


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