Bike Chain Chandeliers


Lovely recycled bike chain chandeliers from talented sculptor Carolina Fontoura Alzaga who was kind enough to talk to us about her work + process

Images Courtesy of Alan J. Crossley

Q: Favorite Color? - My favorite color is rust, both green and orange because they have such richness to them. I love that rust is the manifestation of time.

Q: What attracts you to sculpture? why, when + how did you start? -  As opposed to painting or other forms of 2D art, sculpture is something you can walk around, see through and contemplate the play between positive and negative space, it engages its environment. I began to do sculpture in 2004 when was steeped in bike, DIY, and punk culture and I had an abundance of bike parts around me. I started to find beautiful ways to reconfigure these everyday forms.

Q:Where do you get all these bike chains? - I source my material from 110 bike shops all over the LA region.



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