Ring Master - new unique engagement rings!

here are some images from the workshop.

Dana is working on two unique engagement ring additions: Collette + Sienna.

He sketches a few views of what he wants the ring to "feel like". Rather than draw a detailed schematic with every last detail he creates an image capturing the essence of his vision. The next step in his process is to make a master model from silver. Through hundreds of cycles of soldering and filing the ring takes shape.... becoming a 3D version of the original abstract sketch.


Dana says of his drawings:


"I use the drawings as a way of remembering my vision of the ring, which has more to do with the piece's over all "feeling" than the minute details. For me the individual details emerge only when I am physically making the ring. There is something about the process of manipulating the metal that cannot be replicated with paper and pencil."

The Collette + Sienna will be finished at the end of the summer.  As always, they will be created by hand  in recycled metals with conflict-free diamonds.  View our current selection of unique designer engagement rings here



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