Last Year's Loving Day Giveaway Winners

Bwana Mkubwa Clements, Katie Joe Mariko Schendel, and their beautiful family.

The winning entry from last year's Loving Day Bands Giveaway:

Katherine Joe Mariko Schendel and Bwana Mkubwa Clements (me) were married June 19, 2003. Katie and I are an interracial couple. Katie’s father was born in Tokyo to a Japanese woman and German soldier. My mother was born a few years earlier in Sapporo to a Japanese woman and an African American soldier. Both of our parents went on to marry outside their ethnicity during the end of the civil rights movement. Now Katie and I are proud to be the 3rd generation of interracial marriage on both sides of our family. Loving v. Virginia means the world to our family. It allows us to love freely and openly, without fear of persecution or prosecution. 388 honors and pays tribute to the hardships suffered by the bravest couples in our nation and offers the hope of love to those who seek it without borders. We honor Mildred Delores Jeter and Richard Perry Loving for their foresight and bravery. They made my love with Katie possible and gave it protection. I’m the luckiest man alive and it’s because of their determination and sacrifice. We’d be honored to wear the 338 US Loving vs Virginia rings.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway! You only have until June 10th 11pm EST!

Photos c/o Bwana Clements-- thank you for sharing your story!


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