Fine Jewelry Testimonials: Susan B.

by Susan B., Menlo Park, CA


My fiance and I bought my engagement ring from ken + dana, and we couldn't be happier.

I spent a long time looking at engagement rings, online and in person, and really came to feel that they all look alike. I've heard women get all worked up about whether a ring has 6 prongs instead of 4, as if this is the stuff of art. I found ken + dana on the web, in a search for Gaudi-inspired designs. I love their use of natural forms--leafy shapes, branching, twists and swoops--in many of their engagement rings.

I live in SF, but was able to visit the studio in NYC in December. We talked to Ken in person: he was friendly and helpful, answering our questions and offering advice. I also love that they think outside the "diamond + platinum/yellow-gold" box. Ken showed us a combination of a yellow-gold ring with a citrine in it, paired with a rose-gold band; the yellow stone really brought out the warmth of the rose gold. We ended up choosing a yellow diamond (which we purchased from another source) and the yellow-gold setting. We spent a long time researching stones, and Ken helped answer some of our questions, and found examples of other yellow gold + yellow diamond rings, so we could tell if we liked the combination. We're planning to come back to get the rose-gold wedding band.

As other reviewers have said, my ring is more than a ring: it's a piece of art on my hand, and I love wearing it and looking at it.

Thanks, Susan, and congratulations!  We're glad you're so happy with your ring!

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