Robin Givhan for New York Magazine

image: fashion bomb daily

Found this article on Fashion Bomb Daily and had to re-post it for you guys (thanks Claire!).

This insightful article by Robin Givhan for New York Magazine addresses the idea of race in fashion.  She forces a conversation and asks major players to speak up and have an opinion (instead of taking the usual blasé approach). She says:

"Fashion pushes at the boundaries of political correctness in the name of creative freedom and buzz. But it often does it in a manner that is impish, sly, timid, and, at times, seemingly downright deceitful. How many times must we see a white model dressed in designer fare cavorting with the brown-skinned locals in India or Africa? Those who lead the cultural conversation about beauty, gender, and class biases can be shockingly uninterested in carrying on a dialogue about race—or simply unwilling to do so. I say, if you’re going to play with stereotypes, do it openly and honestly. After all, sometimes the culture needs to be challenged, even angered."

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