To tick or not to tick...

Sad to say I've officially turned into one of those shoe obsessed bloggers that is constantly on the look out for the new "it shoe"...the shoe that makes you go immediately to the shopping site and put your size in your cart (while you decide)...because in your mind EVERYONE is your size and EVERYONE is desperately waiting to get their hands on this prized platform...

The shoe that has me actin' the fool this morning is the Jeffrey Campbell Over-the knee Slash Tick boot.  Just writing this post has caused me to put it in my shopping card, yet again...though I don't have the balls to plug in my cc digits yet

via solestruck

They're only $189.95 on solestruck, which makes me want them even more...

but will I get bored of them after a couple of wears?

I'll let u know what I decide tomorrow!



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