Dedicated to all you Wang-sters out there...

Okay, it's true...I literally have a new shoe obsession every couple of days.

Feel free to drop a comment about YOUR shoe prob to make me feel beter :)

While I haven't been able to find a designer bag that I'm in love with for over a year now, it seems like every major design house has been ON-POINT with their shoe game...right?!

So here it goes...I've been geeked-up over these Alexander Wang booties for a minute now...

[caption id="attachment_643" align="aligncenter" width="589" caption="Fringed Leather/Velvet Alexander Wang bootie "][/caption]

Found them on Colette this week...they have the BEST shoes ever.  The only prob is that their pieces are often exclusive, which means you end up hearting a pair that is 685 Euros...YUP, thats how much these bad boyz cost.

Check em out here

PS: Lemme know if any of u guys ends up snagging a pair...cuz in that case you should be buying some more b-side ;)


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