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The tale behind this charm is quite special.  The husband behind the husband and wife team here at KDD, while eating dinner with his wife couldn’t help but notice how lovely her profile was from across the table.  That night while still thinking of her sweet nose and plump lips he began sketching – looking for a way to hold onto that image forever. Once he was able to make it come to life he knew mothers, husbands, sisters, and friends from all over the world would want to share in this beauty, so it is now a part of the treasure chest. 


Since then its become a favorite here at Ken & Dana.  Love is requested often after the welcoming of a first child or pet adoption.  It allows for us to keep our loved ones near to the heart.  


With a simple send of an image, KDD will sculpt the profile of your loved one onto a SOLID recycled silver or 14k (Yellow, White or Pink ) gold charm. 

allow 3 weeks for delivery

Email sales@kenanddanadesign.com for specific ordering instructions

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