• Celeste - Sapphire

Celeste - Sapphire


  • 14k white (recycled)
  • 14k yellow (recycled)
  • 14k rose (recycled)
  • 18k white (recycled)
  • 18k yellow (recycled)
  • 18k rose (recycled)
  • Platinum (recycled)
  • Cultured Blue 1.5ct
  • Cultured Yellow 1.5ct
  • Natural Blue 1.5ct
  • Natural Yellow 1.5ct

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Product details

The Celeste is our sculptural take on a traditional engagement ring. It features a unique wave-like band that elegantly contours the finger in your choice of recycled metal. A brilliant 1.5ct sapphire sits atop the band in a classic 4-prong setting. The band is adorned with sparkling white diamonds that create a brilliant and stunning look. Pairs beautifully with the Bliss wedding band. Handmade in NYC.

What is a cultured sapphire? These types of sapphires are cultivated under the same exact environmental conditions that natural sapphires endure and with that a real, excellent quality sapphire is grown over time with identical physical, chemical and optical properties to those found in nature. These stones are visually indistinguishable from those found in nature. Created sapphires are definitely an option to consider for their durability and beauty. Your commitment to love- your promise- will be evident in this stone.

We can certainly accommodate a LARGER GEMSTONE (1.60ct and up) in this setting. For more information email us at info@kenanddanadesign.com

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